October 5, 2022

HBO Max Offers Up to 42% Discounts for New and Existing Subscribers - Deadline

HBO Max Offers Up to 42% Discounts for New and Existing Subscribers – Deadline

Against the backdrop of eventful companies Discover Warner Bros. Cutting expenses and trying to convince Wall Street of its strategy, the company offers limited-term discounts on flow Services HBO Max For both new and existing subscribers.

Anyone who signs up for a full-year plan by October 30th will pay $104.99 for the ad-free tier and $69.99 for the ad-supported tier, which is a 30% saving over the current rates of $149.99 and $99.99. Compared to month-to-month pricing, which is always above the annual rate, the savings is up to 42%. The deal is for the first year only and must be ordered through the HBO Max website or through distribution partners Roku, Google Play, Apple and Amazon.

The price drop is timed with the launch of the long-awaited product Game of thrones Spinoff series Dragon Housewhich appeared this week.

Even before their merger closed last April, WBD executives indicated that they plan to combine HBO Max with Discovery+ into a single show by next year. It is also understood that the company is considering rebranding and rebranding two-year-old HBO Max.

As it aims to get more subscribers into the fold, HBO Max also deposits about thirty titles, including Harry Potter Movies and about 20 originals.

HBO Max was recently launched weekly by Nielsen. I painted with friendsan ever-popular gaining series, as well as Bob Burgers movie. Unlike in 2021, when HBO Max showed all 17 versions of Warner Bros. movies on the same day they opened in theaters, the company followed a more traditional Windows movie strategy. titles like Batman She only transitioned to broadcasting after about six weeks in theaters. Elviswhich has grossed more than $142 million domestically since its launch on June 24, has already passed that timeline and the company has yet to confirm its streaming fate on HBO Max.