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The DJ Mag awards every year always tend to grab eyeballs. Not necessarily for positive reasons always, but they do ensure that the world is watching when these poll results are announced.

Every year before the results are announced, there is a lot of speculation about who wins the poll and who invariably have made it to the top 100. After all, artists campaign for this poll for almost 3-4 months in order to garner these votes. Also, being on the top 100 is considered to be a mark of an artists popularity amongst fans around the world. Over the past few years, the results haven’t really been what we expected and to be honest, they have been quite disappointing.

A few hours ago, a very influential reddit user posted these results. Slated to be announced on the 21st of October at Amsterdam Music Festival, the leaked results have some very interesting leaps and slips.

DJ Mag


As per these results, Martin Garrix triumphantly walks out with the crown again this year. Armin Van Buuren climbs up the ladder to find himself at second place. In the trance segment, we see very interesting numbers play up. Dash Berlin at the 21st position yet remains the second highest position holding trance artist (if we may say so). Moving up 43 places, Vini Vici make it to the top 30 this year. It’s a downer to see Above & Beyond go down by 11 places, especially considering how wonderful and impactful “Common Ground” has been this year. Most trance artists have dropped down on the list, with Aly & Fila now at 61, Paul Van Dyk at 62, Andrew Rayel at 89 and Ferry Corsten at 92. On the positive side of it, we have Ilan Bluestone entering the polls 76 and ATB moving up two positions, now holding the 52nd place.

Apart from that, we see many more new artists making their entry on the poll. Popular for his ridiculous moves and his famed stint at Tomorrowland, Salavatore Ganacci makes a gleaming entry at the 25th place. Swedish House Mafia makes it’s comeback on the polls and we see a lot of rising techno stars too.

Well, we don’t know how true these results are, but it does give us something to think about and probably look forward to the 21st of October. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section!

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