December 7, 2022

Hasan Minhaj found something that Nathan Felder didn't stick to

Hasan Minhaj found something that Nathan Felder didn’t stick to

Hasan Minhaj found something that Nathan Felder didn't stick to

Hasan Minhaj. Nathan Fielder
picture: Demetrius Camporis Alberto E Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Nathan Fielder is the current hero of morally questionable comedy, but apparently, Hassan Minhaj He found a line that he wouldn’t even cross. The new Minhaj special on Netflix clown king He explores some of his remorse in pushing a little too far, which includes some of the actions surrounding Saudi Arabia’s controversial episode From National Law with Hassan Minhaj. In a new interview with daily monsterthe comedian admits he tried to recruit Fielder for a potentially dangerous prank.

“Even after this happened and the incident was canceled and my Hajj visa was refused, I had the idea that in Islam, if you can’t perform Hajj, someone can do it for you. So God created this little loophole. So I said, How can we make a drawing? My schematic for this? I feel like this would be kind of an absolute long sham,” he explains. So I called Nathan Fielder, and I said, ‘Nate, have you ever thought about Islam? I know you love reporting from the field. What if I convert? You know, Muslims and Jews, we’re cousins, we both come from Abraham, let’s just do this. You go down. You are making the pilgrimage on my behalf. Coming back, you know, maybe we can continue CBS Sunday Morning And let the Saudis know, “Hey, no tyrannical force can prevent my contact with God.”

“I remember Nate saying something that was so scary now that I’m thinking about it. He said, ‘Could this hurt me?’ And Matt, he genuinely meant it,” told Curriculum writer Matt Welstein. “Does this bother me? Will they kill me? It’s like, dude, I don’t know. I think the idea is great. I think it’s very funny. But…'”

In some ways, it’s a badge of honor to find a bit overrated Nathan FielderBut as Minhaj notes, “[This] Not, “I’m going to make a restaurant called Dumb Starbucks.” That is, “I’m going to travel to Saudi Arabia and get this done with the cameras.” There is a delta of danger here that not many Americans know about. Safety is assumed in the states.”

Today, Minhaj says he’s relieved they “didn’t get through it,” adding, “But I’m also ashamed of myself that following the comedy and following along a bit, I’d be willing to put myself and others one’s life at risk. That’s not cool, man.”