February 5, 2023

Hannity questions why Pitton’s staff did not let him answer questions

Sean Hannity Thursday took issue President Joe Biden Held his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin And what the media chose to cover up “HannityThe “host” is called a “train wreck”.

“As predicted by any objective action, this meeting was a complete train wreck. Putin basically gave nothing to Joe, gave nothing to the United States. He made no concessions. There were zero deals. After the meeting, Putin held a separate press conference, let’s see, he mocked and trashed the United States. “

Hannidi criticized Biden’s comments, which he believed were written by the president’s staff, and did not appear to condemn any of Putin’s lies.

“Biden delivered a short, scripted speech, probably written before the summit. As always, he took a few questions from pre-selected reporters and then scolded the reporters very frantically.” “This happens when your hot milk is not available,” Hannity added.

Biden has been criticized for providing Putin with a list of key areas not hacked in the United States. Hannity slapped the list as a “road map” that would offend the country.

“Do not worry, because Joe proudly announced that Putin has provided a list of 16, now it is important to focus here, 16 important parts of the US infrastructure that Vladimir and the Russians did not target by a cyberdock, including telecommunications, health, food and energy. Well, the first point, a hostile How dumb is it to act, an evil guy like Vladimir Putin 16 specific things, a road map that paralyzes the United States? That’s so dumb. “

Biden-Putin Summit: Winners and Losers

Hannitti also noted that Biden did not respond to Russian cyber-attacks on US pipeline and meat processing facilities.

“What is stopping Putin from going behind the other 14 departments?” Hannity asked. “All cyber attacks against America and Americans, Joe, should already be unlimited. You should have lectured him out loud.”

Hannity called on the media to praise the president’s meeting, but noted that they were facing some problems for him.

“But as usual, the mob, the media, they’re trying so hard to pursue the Biden security plan. Even as we start to see cracks here and there, even the night time comics are starting to realize that this guy really is not with us, is he?”

Hannitty noted that the president had called reporters from a pre-selected list in Geneva and that he had checked in with a question from CNN reporter Caitlan Collins and asked why Biden’s staff would not be allowed to take questions on their own.

“Why are they controlling him? ‘If I take another question I’m going to get in trouble. I can not take another question.’ Why? ”Hannity asked. “Because he’s his own staff who can not give a coherent answer. Anyone with common sense knows what’s going on here. Sometimes he’s completely lost, shocked and confused. “