December 5, 2022

Halo Infinite DLC has been reported to not arrive before 2025

Halo Infinite DLC has been reported to not arrive before 2025

Halo Infinite hasn’t received any campaign DLC since its launch last year, and based on a new rumor, it looks like the expansion won’t arrive before 2025. Joseph Staton, Head of Creative at Halo Infinite, will be fully responsible for the campaign’s downloadable content, the direction in which The story takes him forward.

Shaun also discussed the Battle Royale mode developed by Certain Affinity. He said that the Battle Royale map will contain at least two maps from the original Halo games, specifically Halo 2 and Halo 3.

The number of players is currently 60, but the studio is trying to increase it to around 75 players. In terms of gameplay, it is the same basic gameplay as Halo Infinite. However, it will have loot chests with graded versions of all weapons.

Shaun claims that the earliest Battle Royale release currently planned is fall 2023, which means there’s just over a year left until release. The studio is trying to finish work on it as soon as possible, but since the Battle Royale map still needs a lot of work, it’s not likely to arrive before the end of 2023.

As for downloadable content for the Halo Infinite campaign, Sean said it’s already coming, and players will fight infinite in a “diverse” world. It was speculated that it would not be an addition to the world of the Zeta Halo campaign, but rather a new place and a new world. According to Shaun, the downloadable content will be as large as the Halo Infinite campaign itself. However, since the project is in a very early state, fans won’t get their hands on campaign DLC for Halo Infinite until after 2024, which means it will be a base release for 2025.

Shaun noted that the late release of Halo Infinite’s DLC shouldn’t come as a shock to fans, as other first-party Xbox games are experiencing similar delays, such as Playground fairy tale game Or Obsidian’s Avowed. Starfield also missed the original release windowAnd it may see further delays, given that Bethesda only offered a first look at the game recently.

Finally, Sean provided some new details regarding Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. As of now, Forge may see the release sooner than fans expect. However, he mentioned that the studio relies heavily on content created by the Forge community to fill the void, so to speak. As a result, the situation may generate some negative controversy due to a particular plan the studio has for it, but only if it is not handled well.

Only time will tell what the aforementioned Forge controversy might be, but Sean expects the community will eventually find out. Right now, if all of Sean W’s info is accurate, the 343 Industries campaign DLC pack for a particular company’s Halo Infinite and Battle Royale mode is years away from release, and fans will have to wait longer than expected to play either one.