December 8, 2022

Halloween Kills makes huge box office debut

Michael Myers, on Halloween Giles, walks away from a burning house fire.

Picture: Plumhouse / Universal Pictures

Looks like Michael Myers can’t be stopped in Haddonfield or in real life. Halloween kills Released in theaters and on Fridays On the peacockAnd took $ 55 million and completely dominated the box office. Most of it came from North America and the love for it Jamie Lee Curtis And the introduction of John Carpenter and $ 50 million exceeded original expectations.

Although able to eliminate competition like Myers No time to die In North America, internationally, he does not fit the tentacles and the tongue Poison: Let there be bondage. Andy Sergis and Tom Hardy’s monster Marvel movie continues to gross $ 115.6 million, breaking international epidemic records. Currently $ 283.6 million, it is on track to break $ 300 million. It has not yet been released in China, which is why we even have the sequel to the film to some extent first.

Kills’ Success for the box office is good, it has gained some trusted owners in recent months, but not comforting news for Peacock. When Jungle Cruise With its dual release in the summer and a pretty solid box office, Disney quickly sent out emails about its success. NBCUniversal was very quiet about the number of its viewers, Says everything about their plan to put the movie on their streaming service. Still, option to view from The comfort of your home Is there

Either way, the second act of director David Gordon Green’s horror resume has a pretty solid start to itself. Universal and Plumhouse may feel smarter about doing this Trilogy In 2019, its final installment will be released in 2022 Halloween ends. But Hill Next week is coming out in theaters and on HBO Max, so it’s time to see if Michael can survive a big ass space worm. (Dude has escaped a lot of injuries throughout his life, so he can.)

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