December 5, 2022

Hades makes history as the first video game to win the Hugo Award

Hadis of Super Giant Games has officially set the record for the first video game to win the Hugo Award.

The Hugo Awards were first presented in 1953 and honor the best works in science fiction and fiction. Until 2021, video games and their stories are not under consideration, however That has now changed.

While this is interesting, it is important to note The “Best Video Game” type is a special category added only for 2021. However, the WSFS Business Meeting Committee “has been exploring the possibility of including such a category for many years now.” Although this is a special category, the success of the Hades is still considered to be in the permanent category.

To win the prestigious award, Hades won Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons, SpiritFarrer, Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us: Part II and Playball.

Greg Casa, writer and director of Creativity at SuperGiant Games, took to Twitter to share a few words on behalf of the entire team, saying how proud he was to win the first Hugo Award for video games.

“We are incredibly proud to be the first recipient of the Hugo Award for Best Video Game,” Kasavin said. We first saw the name of the Hugo Awards, of course, when we were kids.

“Getting this special after so long, especially from teams large and small, with an incredible slate of nominees of all shapes and sizes, really marks the world. Video game storytelling has come a long way over the years, and games as a medium are so unique, they are interactive, and You can actually live in one of these wonderful worlds and see how it reacts to your every move.

“At SuperGiant, we tried to marry the traditions of fiction and science fiction and literature into those unique interactive elements, and try to create these worlds that feel like they are alive when you go through them. We are so grateful for our work. Hades stands alone in that space, in this place. We hope the Hugo Awards continue to recognize the wonderful work that is being done. “

In conclusion, Kasavin thanked his other team and their families, and said, “The Greek gods themselves, up and down, have encouraged people like us for thousands of years, and may they continue to do so.”

A Hugo Award for Hades is another trophy, having won the IGN Game of 2020, nine awards at the inaugural Global Game Industry Awards and the Best Game at the GTC Choice Awards. 2021, BAFTA Games Awards 2021, SXSW Gaming Awards 2021, Gaming Awards 2021, DICE Awards 2021 and many more.

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