February 5, 2023

Great spots as the new NHL team is being designed

Seattle Gragan selected their first team players in Wednesday night’s expansion draft. Some came face to face, first wearing new NHL jerseys. Some announced their names by flying fish and octopus in the local fishery, and some were announced by Seattle supersonic legends Gary Beyton and Shawn Kemp.

Cragan selected one player from each of the 30 NHL teams, while Vegas was excluded from the Golden Knights draft. The result was a list of young and under the pay cap; And the approach to the draft was completely different from the way Vegas handled it in 2017.

Here are 10 examples from the Cragan expansion draft:

Set up the Vegas template … almost

Golden Knights and Cragan had the same rules for their respective expansion drafts. NHL teams can defend seven pioneers, three defenders and one goalie; Or they could defend eight skaters and a goalie, which is what the Nashville Predators, Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leaf wanted to do this time around.

The same rules, similar results, at least when it comes to the positions they have prepared. The Golden Knights selected 14 pioneers, 13 defenders and three Goldtenders in the 2017 expansion draft. Cragan selected 15 pioneers, 12 defenders and three Goldtenders in their expansion draft.

Both teams selected 20 players who were on contract the following season, which is the minimum required by the NHL’s draft rules – however, Gragan chose three players. Adam Larson, Chris Tridger And Jamie Olexiak. Golden Knights selected six banned free agents, while Cragan selected seven.

The place where the two teams differ is under the pay cap. Based on the players produced by the teams, the cap wins were similar: Crohn’s planned cap win was $ 54.05 million, while Golden Knights’ hat win was $ 54.21 million, according to Sinpin.Vegas. But when you factor in the players who bought through the Knights trade on the day of the draft, the total cap for the players purchased. million. No trade was announced in Seattle on the day of the draft expansion.