December 4, 2022

Govt confirmed the presence of 27 vaccinators on board the Carnival cruise ship

The Carnival Cruise ship ‘Carnival Vista’ goes to sea on June 2, 2018 at the entrance to Miami Harbor, also known as the Government Cut in Miami, Florida.

Rona Wise | AFP | Getty Images

27 people on board tested positive for Govt-19 Carnival Vista ShippingIt arrived in Belize on Wednesday, according to the Belize Tourism Board.

Only one of the positive cases was a passenger; The remaining 26 are team members. All 27 were vaccinated and had no mild or no symptoms, the country’s tourism board said.

Communication tracking was conducted, and no other positive cases were found.

The cruise ship, which sailed from Calveston, Texas, had 2,895 guests and 1,441 crew, according to the Tourism Board.

According to Washington Post, Said it announced last week that there were positive cases on the carnival board, but did not disclose how many cases there were at the time.

“Carnival manages a small number of positive COVID cases traveling from Calveston on Carnival Vista.

“We managed the situation using strict health protocols, including isolating those who tested positive and keeping close contacts in isolation.”

As of Saturday, all guests, regardless of their vaccination status, must show evidence of a negative Govt test, Carnival said.

Shares of Carnival Ships fell more than 1% on Friday.