April 13, 2021

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Govt-19: Warning for new variant of corona virus in Japan | The world

Japanese health experts are particularly wary of the spread of a new variant of the corona virus in the midst of the vaccine campaign. At Tokyo Medical and Dental University Medical Hospital, 14 people were injured Genetic sequencing of the new corona virus was done. The findings raised alarms. Of the 14 individuals, 10 had a mutation .

The E484K is also available in South African and Brazilian variants. It is believed that this will reduce the immunity acquired by past infections – therefore, a person is more likely to regenerate – or by vaccination.

What worries Japanese health officials is that the strain found at the Tokyo hospital is a local type because none of the patients went abroad and no one came in contact with anyone who left the country. In other words, the mutation already exists in society.


No one is surprised that the corona virus is changing. “More than 4000 variants of SARS-CoV-2 [coronavirus que causa la COVID-19] Recognized around the world “, According to British Health Services. According to Who, “Most of the new strains have no impact on public health.”

What is important, however, is the type of mutations they accept. Despite the peace-loving professionals, the E484K is presented as one of the most challenging at the moment.

“It’s not surprising that there are variations, but it won’t be hard [modificar las vacunas]” To make them more effective, said Fabrizio Bregliasco, a virologist at the University of Milan at the Italian sales outlet Courier della Cera.

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