December 5, 2022

Google’s Fuchsia OS is released for every first generation Nest Hub

Google has unveiled a quiet update to its new Fuchsia operating system on first-gen Nest Hub devices Google Home Hub on publication), I.e. the secret scheme will be widely used by consumers after many years of opaque growth. Unlike Android, which is not based on Linux and uses a microkernel called Zircon, it was available in May in a preview of some devices.

Now, there is Google Confirmed 9to5 Google Preview The new firmware update for non-Nest Hub devices includes the Fuchsia update, which means that all first-gen devices should already be running Fuchsia or very soon. I checked one on my desk – Google explains how to do it Here – And of course, it is in Fuchsia.

You may have noticed that I have noticed that a device I see and interact with every day runs a completely new operating system, but Google is trying to make the experience as closely identical as possible. Boogie performance at First-Gen Nest Hub also looks very similar, for better or worse. The only way to find out if you have Fuchsia is to check the “About Device” section of the settings menu, which is still not specified by OS name.

When word of the first comprehensive fuchsia deployment plan first came out it was not as exciting as the imagined possibilities. Five years ago. At the same time, it is very interesting that Google was able to change the core software of a popular product seamlessly without most people noticing.