August 14, 2022

Google Killing Hangouts to make way for Google Chat

Photo of mobile on Google chat screen

Google Chat is the official chat app that dominates the Google Workspaces operating system.
Photo: Florence ion / Kismodo

That’s Google Officially Hangouts urges holdouts to switch to a new messaging package called chat. Starting today, if you’re still using Hangouts on your mobile device, you’ll see the Apps screen prompting you to switch to Gmail or the private chat app. If you’ve been in Chrome, you’re starting to see the command prompting you to accept the inevitable starting in July. Hangouts on the Internet will continue to operate until the end of this year.

Fortunately, I went to Google’s new chat app, when the company announced its retirement Hangouts Last summer. Allows Google users to switch ahead Forced relocationAnd the refreshed experience is so much tastier than that Hangouts anyway.

Google Chat is still a chat app linked to your Google Account. You can use features like rich text editing and slack like “@ notes” and emoji reactions. Google Chat also prioritizes collaboration. It provides “spaces” for group chats, allowing you to easily embed files, photos, and tasks. I use new features to plan game dates and day trips and track pictures that are not in the cloud. It has also become a way for me and my partner to manage our family without switching between the many uses of Google.

The redesign of Google Chat is primarily a by-product of the company’s workplace transition. As Google explicitly states on its blog, it’s heck“Great ambitions for the future of chat.” In the coming months, you can expect additional features such as direct calling, in-line threading and the ability to share and view multiple images. Comparisons with Slag and Discord are undeniable. I’m also interested in whether the direct call feature is in stock Google DuoIt’s the company’s video app More facing Below is an expiration date.

Undoubtedly, Google Chat will be used by some companies within the company’s workspace. But it remains to be seen whether this will have the same impact as other messaging applications How Often Google dragged In the trunk And Click.

The good news is, switching to Google Chat will be unrestricted. I still have my original conversations with Chat Hangouts. This app also has a new feature to prevent you from pinging multiple sites for each new reply when you chat from another device.