November 26, 2022

GM recalls all Chevy Bolts on battery fire

General Motors It was published by Global Recall Chevrolet Amid concerns that bolt electric vehicles could catch fire on Friday due to defects in cars’ lithium-ion batteries.

The company said in a statement Warning Experts have identified “some Chevrolet Bolt EVs have two rare production defects in the same battery cell at the same time as the root cause of the battery flare,” announcing the recall of all 2017-2022 Bolt EVs and all 2022 Bolt EUVs. Fire hazard.

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GM said it will replace existing batteries with new modules and bolt owners will be notified when parts are ready. Meanwhile, the company advised victims to set their vehicles within the 90% charge range, charge their cars frequently and avoid lowering the battery below 70 miles. The company insists that owners take their vehicles outside as soon as they are charged and not let the bolts charge the house overnight.

The move comes about a month later U.S. auto safety regulators have warned 50,000 bolt owners Start parking their cars outside rather than in a garage due to fire concerns. Affected vehicles from the 2017-2019 model years were recalled at that time to the possibility of an unnoticed fire in the high voltage battery pack under the cushion.

The Associated Press reported that GM first recalled Bolt batteries when it received information that five cars had caught fire in November, leaving two people breathing smoke and a house on fire. A GM spokesman told AAP that the number of reports linked to Bolt batteries has now reached 10.

General Motors recalled its Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles worldwide on Friday and was reminded of the damage done to lithium-ion batteries in cars. (AB Photo / Paul Sancia, File / AB Newsroom)

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Bolt’s global recall deepens Consumers Safety concerns about lithium ion car batteries in general, which are used in almost all electric vehicles, have affected other car manufacturers, including electric vehicle company Tesla.

President பிடன்Meanwhile, electric vehicles are expected to make up 40 to 50% of vehicle sales by the end of the decade.