July 6, 2022

Giants and Sailors swap Alex Blandino for Stuart Fairchild

Giants and Sailors swap Alex Blandino for Stuart Fairchild

Giants and sailors agreed to trade that would send a player Alex Blandino and M’s monetary considerations, according to Ryan Divish of The Seattle Times (Twitter link). San Francisco will get a defensive player Stuart Fairchildwho was assigned to the task yesterday.

Fairchild is joining his third different organization in less than a month, as the Mariners got him from the Diamondbacks again on April 23. A Seattle native, Fairchild’s brief stint with his hometown team, saw him play in three games and receive three late sub-game appearances. That makes him 15 MLB appearances with Fairchild over the past two seasons, having made his league debut with the D’Backs in 2021.

The Reds captured Fairchild in the second round in the 2017 draft, and they scored some good numbers in the minors, including a .282/.382/.536 slash over 246 PA in the Triple-A. As a right-handed battingler who can play all three outside points, Fairchild presents an interesting depth option for giants, who are forever looking for more pieces to mix and match. Since the first field group of the giants from Mike JastrzemskyAnd Lamonte Wade Jr.And Jock PedersonAnd Luis Gonzalez All left-handed hitters, Fairchild joins Austin Slater And Darren Rove Where it completes the upper right side.

It can be said that Seattle has a similar need for external depth with Mitch Hanniger on the list of injured and Jared Kielnik It was selected for Triple-A, but M’s apparently felt Fairchild was an expendable part. Instead, the Mariners will now add to their pitch depth chart with Blandino, a veteran who has made 135 appearances for the Reds over parts of the past three seasons. Blandino was another High Pick for Cincinnati, and was selected with the 29th overall pick for the 2014 draft.

The .226 / .339/ .291 Blandino has only made for his 279 PA in the majors, but it brings a lot of versatility. The 29-year-old has lined up in all four positions, and has played a few games as an MLB-level cornerback (plus five sweeps as a pitcher). Abraham Toro And Dylan Moore It currently operates with similar super utility capabilities on its active Mariners roster, so Blandino provides some extra coverage in the event of an injury.

Blandino was born in Palo Alto, California and played college football at Stanford, so the trade is an unusual case for two teams exchanging local produce. Then again, the frequency of deals between giants and sailors is peculiar in itself – that is the case Fourth deal Between the two clubs in less than a month.