February 8, 2023

Germany arrests dozens accused of plotting a far-right coup

Germany arrests dozens accused of plotting a far-right coup

Prosecutors said the group believes the Alliance, a collection of national governments and intelligence services, including those of the United States and Russia, is active in Germany and about to launch an attack on the “deep state”.

Germany’s domestic intelligence service, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), has been officially monitoring the “Reichsb├╝rger” scene since 2016. The agency has around 21,000 followers, according to its website, with just over a thousand of those also deemed right-wing extremists.

Among those arrested, authorities said, was “Henrich XIII B.R,” named in German media as Prince Heinrich XIII of the House of Royce, who ruled parts of Germany until 1918. NBC News has not verified his identity.

Prosecutors said he is considered a future head of state after the rebellion and heads the group’s ruling council, which met to discuss the planned takeover.

Prince Heinrich, who still uses his title despite its constitutional insignificance, is accused of contacting representatives of the Russian Federation in both Russia and Germany in hopes of winning support for the overthrow of the Berlin government.

One suspect was also arrested in Perugia, Italy, while another was in Kitzb├╝hel, Austria. A Russian citizen named Vitalia B. With the help of the organization in trying to contact Russian officials.

But German prosecutors note that there is no evidence that Russian officials responded positively to the request.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in his daily news briefing on Wednesday that the investigation “is an internal matter for Germany, and they themselves state that there is no room for Russian interference.”

Andy Eckardt reports from Mainz, Germany, and Patrick Smith reports from London.