December 6, 2022

Georgia tops CFP rankings, followed by Alabama, Michigan and Oregon

Cincinnati debuted at number 6 in the Early College Football Playoff Rankings on Tuesday night, while the SEC authority topped the standings in Georgia and Alabama No. 1 and No. 2, followed by No. 3 Michigan State and No. 4 Oregon.

The Piercots descended into the highest rankings for Team 5 teams, the number they held in the regular season of undefeated in 2020. A place advanced by more than 7 post. But Cincinnati (8-0), which is 2nd in both. The AP and Coaches polls aimed to become the first group of five to appear in the top four of the CFP selection panel. Cincinnati Profile No. 2 of October. 10 Raised by a win against Notre Dame, which ended Fighting Irish’s 26-game home streak. But since SMU (7-1) or Houston (7-1) did not appear, Cincinnati was the only U.S. athletic conference team to be ranked by the selection committee.

“The committee has the utmost respect for Cincinnati. “But who else did they win? When we look at the big picture, we feel like six is ​​the perfect place for Cincinnati.”

The 5-man team has never appeared in the CFP, which launched in the 2014 season.

“We’m not talking about the ceiling (for teams). We’ll see what happens so far,” Bertha said. “With a big win at Notre Dame, we see that we have not defeated Cincinnati now. I do not know if there is a ceiling.”

Ohio State is in 5th place, one place behind the Oregon team that lost on Sept. 11 at Ohio Stadium. Excited by Ohio State victory (Top defender Cavion Thebodox did not play) and the October 2 road loss to Stanford (attack coordinator Joe Moorehead did not. Call plays due to health issue).

Despite being the only 9-0 team in the country, Oklahoma is in 8th place. The Suners have zero wins against opponents ranked by the selectors, and have struggled to bring down Kansas, Tulane, Nebraska and others. Oklahoma has missed the CFP only twice in its history, facing No. 12 Baylor next week and No. 11 Oklahoma State on November 27.

Two days after appearing in the top 10 in the AP poll, the ACC has a playoff confidence with Wake Forrest, who ranks 9th in the CFP rankings. Only the other two ACC teams – no. 19 NC State and no. 25 bit – appears in the rankings.

Not surprisingly, Georgia took the top spot, but the 1-loss comes behind the Alabama Bulldogs, three unbeaten Power 5 teams ahead. Tide lost to Texas A&M on October 9, ranking 14th in the preliminary rankings despite losing to unseeded Arkansas and No. 17 Mississippi. Mike Leach’s Bulldogs are 5-3 with close defeats to two teams (Memphis and LSU) who have not been rated, but the number of two teams they have defeated. 18 Kentucky and no. 19 is ahead of NC State.

“Immediately, Georgia was a clear No. 1, but there was a fair amount of conversation about Alabama,” Barta said. “There was a lot of consensus that Alabama should be in second place.”

Michigan State, revealing its solo game in 2015, debuted at No. 3 following its No. 7 win over Michigan. The Spartans still have games against Ohio State (Nov. 20) and Ben State (Nov. 27), which are not in the rankings after losing their last three games.

“Michigan State, they have not been defeated yet,” Barta said. “They had a big win against Michigan, they were behind (in that game), they didn’t panic, that’s why they ended up at No. 3.”

Michigan State, Kenneth Walker III, speaking on ESPN broadcast, agreed.

“Our goal is to‘ keep chopping all the time ’and it is our uniqueness not to stop fighting,” he said. “That’s what helped us achieve that.”

The SEC and the Big Ten dominate the group’s initial rankings, with five places in the top seven and 13 places in the top 25. The SEC has seven teams in the top-18 because Auburn is 13th, one place ahead of the Texas A&M team that arrives Saturday. Notre Dame and no. 15 Two FBS supporters appeared at BYU, while Mountain West No. 23 Fresno State and no. 24 gets two entries in San Diego State, both won against Pac-12 opponents.

Despite an 8-0 start, Texas-San Antonio did not appear in the initial CFP rankings.