July 7, 2022

Gaylord, Michigan hurricane kills one, causing injuries and widespread damage

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A strong hurricane pounded the town of Gaylord, Michigan, about 20 hours north of Lansing, on Friday afternoon. Widespread damage, A death And 23 injuries, according to Michigan State Police.

Twister was torn down in the business district of Gaylord, where social media photos showed cropped roofs and crumbling signs and scattered electrical wires and debris. The Associated Press reported The event lasted less than five minutes.

An ABC / NBC subsidiary in Traverse City Showed the video More than 75 moving hurricanes between states in the busiest part of the city. The drone video was released on social media The mobile showed houses stacked one on top of the other and stacked with trees across the street. A photo was shown The houses hit the foundations.

“My heart goes out to families and small businesses affected by Hurricane and severe weather in Gaylord,” said Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer (D). Has tweeted that. “For the entire Gaylord community – Michigan is with you. We will do what is necessary to rebuild.

The city imposed a curfew at 7pm and asked residents to stay in the area.

Twister tore the keychain at 3:45 pm Eastern time. At 3:38 pm, when the twister was nine miles away, the National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning for the area. As it moved to Gaylord, the weather service warned of a “confirmed big and very dangerous hurricane”. It urged residents to protect themselves. “This is a particularly dangerous situation,” the warning said.

Prior to the storm, the meteorological service warned of a possible “one or two hurricanes” in the northern part of Michigan, beginning at 1:55 pm with heavy thunderstorms.

The hurricane blew with severe cold across the country. The same pre-caused Temperatures in Denver will drop below 50 degrees In 24 hours. Thursday afternoon, 86 degrees there; Friday afternoon was 33 degrees and snowfall.

Exceptionally hot air swelled up front, viz Ready to break many records on the East Coast on SaturdayThe temperature can rise to almost 100 degrees.