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As we all know, lasers and production plays a very important role in enhancing our way of perceiving the music being played. The production of an event can make or break your night. Events such as Transmission and even Eric Prydz’s Epic stands out because of their spectacular stage designs, decor and visual effects.

Gareth Emery decides to follow a similar path and sheds a little saving light on us, literally. His new show concept, Laserface, is all about the lights, visuals and lasers, all working in harmony with the music.

So… Iasers and trance have always been the perfect marriage but usually they're often done a bit poorly at dance…

Posted by Gareth Emery on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Well, we couldn’t be more than excited to see what Gaz has to offer 😀

You can register for tickets here:

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