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This December, Trance music giant, Electronic Family makes it’s way to EVC! Slated to take over the main stage of the festival on the 16th of December, this is one festival most trance fans are looking forward to attend. Obviously, there is a lot of excitement buzzing amongst fans as they eagerly  await the line-up to be announced. Well, bringing in Electronic Family definitely brings along a lot of expectations with regards to the artists coming down to perform. One massive opportunity, limited time slots and a whole lot of hope and expectations! We are more than excited to see who finally makes the cut!

Since we are anyhow at it, we thought that we’d might as well list down the artists we would love to see perform on the Electronic Family stage.

Ruben x Rodg

The Dynamic Dutch progressive powerhouses definitely know how to set the vibe for a festival right! Ruben De Ronde and Rodg are two artists who have been on a roll ever since the release of their combined album Togetherr and have played at some of the biggest festivals across the globe. Also, they are responsible for the Electronic Family anthem “Bomb Squad Kittens”. Isn’t that enough reasoning to have them both play here?

Gareth Emery

The man behind “Saving Light” has definitely become one of every trance fans 100 reasons to live. With some beautiful, heart touching releases, a successful album, and an even more successful moniker “CVNT5”, Gaz makes it to our list of artists we would love to see perform on the Electronic Family stage. The last time India saw Gaz was in 2012. High time the man makes his way back to this country?

Ilan Bluestone

Anjunabeats legend Ilan Bluestone is one artist most fans are dying to witness perform live. Quoting his own website, he is one “World Class Electronic Music Producer” and has never failed to impress fans. Don’t believe us? Ask all the anjuna fans out there! Also, with his debut album expected to release soon, this is one artist we are definitely looking forward to have here!

John O’ Callaghan

John O’ Callaghan, Henrik Zuberstien, Joint Operations Centre, Mannix and Stenna! The options are varied with this one. Name any sub genre and this multi talented artist is nailing it! One of the most versatile yet humble producers of our generation, John O’Callaghan is one artist this country deserves to watch live!

Giuseppe Ottaviani

The Italian trance producer who also forms half of the famed PureNRG with the one and only Solarstone is an artist who is truly a flag bearer of the purest of trance sounds. His live sets are worth everything you can possible offer!

Cosmic Gate

Nic and Bossi, what can we say about these two? Or rather, what positive feedback can we not give about this German duo? May with be classics or even nailing the new commercial sounds, this duo knows how to create the perfect balance between the two. And, they just released their new album, Materia, Chapter 2! So, if they come down, we definitely are in for some brilliant pure trance!

Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson, or rather as I love to call him, Psymon, is an artist who fans have been dying to see ever since ASOT 700. Much to their disappointment and due to a lot of technical issues, Psymon couldn’t perform here and it broke our hearts. Tribe leader of the Uppers current crew member of the VII league, this man is sure to have a heavy set if he comes down here! Also, he fits on perfectly for closing the festival, so why not?


This is our list for you! Again, we are restricted to just a couple of names. If there wasn’t a limit, the list would be endless! Any artists you are looking forward to see at Electronic Family? Let us know in the comments below! #LiveTheTribe

For more information about the festival, click here

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