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It is all fun and games here! Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge have teamed up to make this extremely hilarious video on ‘How to become famous DJs’. Here’s the list:

  1. Get a Partner who is as evil as you!
  2. Hire a Ghost Producer
  3. Get all the fu**ing work done by that Ghost Producer
  4. Get a website
  5. Get a DJ console, practice those DJ moves \o/
  6. Search for P*mps and invite them to your gigs
  7. Get a Soundcloud page, buy followers and beef ‘em up
  8. Buy them jazzy outfits
  9. Buy Facebook/Twitter/Instagram followers, play all over the world
  10. Voila you’re a Superstar DJ

Wait… all this sounds really familiar <evil laugh>. Sounds like Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. 😀 😀

Look for more to come from CVNT5. Until then, the full single is due out tomorrow, March 11.

Co-Founder of Trance Hub, Curator of The Gathering events in India and ALT+TRANCE in Czech Republic. By day, a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with love for Food and Technology. By night, a dreamer who wants to grow the Trance scene in India.

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