April 13, 2021

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Gabriela Serba defeats corona virus and returns to ‘JB en ATV’ recordings | Views

Coming back! He confirmed through his Instagram that he had defeated the Corona virus and rejoined the recordings of ‘JB en ATV’.

“Again. I’m very happy,” he wrote Gabriela Serba is very happy to return to the comic space with a video Meet his comrades again.

More info: Gabriel Serba reveals he’s infected with Govit-19: “This virus is strong”

George Benavitz also confirmed the news Posts photo of blonde appearing posts. Followers of the model were very excited about this announcement.

TROME | Gabriel Serba defeats corona virus Returned to my ATV ‘recordings

Acute disease

Let’s remember that, a few weeks ago, He confirmed that he was infected with the dangerous corona virus and, through his social networks, asked his supporters to continue to care about the disease.

“I drink a lot of warm water, nothing. Take care because this virus is strong. I am recovering”, The JP cast member on ATV told through his Instagram stories.

Trom - Gabriel Serba reveals he is suffering from Govit-19 disease
Trom – Gabriel Serba reveals he is suffering from Govit-19 disease

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