December 5, 2022

‘Freedom Conway’: A key US-Canadian crossing reopens after the Ambassador Bridge’s trucker siege was lifted

The Detroit International Bridge Company said in a statement on Sunday night that the reopening of the bridge would “hamper trade again between the Canadian and US economies”. “The move is a state of emergency declared in Ontario and a restraining order issued by an Ontario judge came into force on Friday,” the company said.

Opposition arose on the bridge from truckers opposing Canada’s new order to fully vaccinate or face two weeks of isolation when crossing the Canadian-US border.

Windsor police seized five vehicles from protesters Sunday, Mizuno said, and seven vehicles were towed away Saturday. Police expect more presence in the area to maintain order, he said.

“I make it clear: blocking and restricting the movement of goods, people and services in vital infrastructure is illegal and punishable.” Ontario Premier Doug Ford tweeted Sunday. “The penalty for non-compliance will be severe The maximum fine is $ 100,000 and up to one year in prison. “
The police began to arrest the struggles The judge ordered They have to leave the Ambassador Bridge by 7pm on Friday. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.
Truckers “Independent convoy“It relocated to the Canadian capital Ottawa late last month, expanded elsewhere and attracted supporters opposing other Govt-19 blockade measures, including mask orders, locks and restrictions on meetings.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Canada has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 4 out of every 5 Canadians being fully vaccinated. According to the Canadian government, nearly 90% of the country’s truckers are fully vaccinated and eligible to cross the border.

The mayor of Windsor said the siege’s economic downturn would end Sunday.

“Today, our national economic crisis ended at the Ambassador Bridge,” Mayor Drew Tilkens said in a written statement Sunday.

The mayor says protesters will leave residential areas of Ottawa

On Sunday, Mayor Jim Watson said he had reached an agreement to leave the residential areas of downtown and restrict their protests in the streets directly to the National Assembly of Canada.

Truckers and their supporters have been gathering in Ottawa since January 29, with demonstrations gathering around government buildings but spreading to residential areas.

The town area of ​​the city is completely closed. Businesses were closed and the noise of trucks blew into the air for a while The judge ordered The noise stopped last week.

Residents complained of incidents such as rock throwing, property damage and harassment carried out by protesters.

Watson acknowledged that the deal was not a long-term solution, but said in a statement to CNN that it “reflects a positive first step.”

In a letter to CNN from the mayor’s office, Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the “Freedom Conway”, said while some residents supported and encouraged her, others felt harassed.

“We are working hard to make purchases from truckers in the next 24 hours,” Lich wrote in a letter to Watson. “We’ll start modifying our trucks on Monday,” Litch wrote.

Trucks with Canadian flags are being driven by anti-vaccine warrants and anti-government protesters Saturday in British Columbia, Surrey, near the border with Washington state.

Other border crossings were blocked

In addition to the Ambassador Bridge, protesters have used semitrailers – sometimes farm equipment and other vehicles – to block the crossings between the Emerson, Manitoba and Pembina, the Dwight North, and the Gauts access point between Alberta and Montana.

Comment: The Canadian trucker struggles are the latest example of the Govt-19 absurdity

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Manitoba said on Saturday that about 50 vehicles had blocked access to the Canadian-US border at Emerson since Thursday.

In British Columbia, four people have been arrested near the Pacific Highway crossing in Surrey. RCMP said Sunday.

According to the RCMP, on Saturday, “some vehicles” broke through police barricades there.

“Although no injuries were reported as a result of this incident, it could be harmful to pedestrians and first responders. Such behavior is not tolerated and is being investigated,” RCMP Cpl said. Vanessa said in a statement earlier.