July 7, 2022

Fred Savage was removed from the Wonder Years reboot after a false trial

Fred Savage has been fired The Wonder Years Reopen following the investigation into several complaints of misconduct in his role as executive producer and director.

A spokesman for Disney’s 20th Television said, “Recently, we were informed of allegations of misconduct by Fred Savage and, in principle, an investigation was launched. A statement for the deadline Friday.

“When it was over, it was decided to stop his work as an executive producer and director The Wonder Years. “

Deadline Savage, who appeared in the original series of the 80s, said he exhibited inappropriate behavior and verbally exploded throughout the production.

Savage played Kevin Arnold on the set shows of the 60s and 70s for six seasons from 1988-1993. He was the youngest actor to be nominated for an Emmy Award when he started the show at the age of 12. Reboot, in which Savage directed eight episodes in the 1960s, portrays a black middle-class family.

This is not the first time Savage has been accused of misconduct. Who co-starred with him The Wonder YearsAli Mills, who played his mother Norma, said in 2018 that the original show was canceled because of a sexual harassment case against former fashion designer Savage, then 16, and co-star Jason Hervey, 20. Out of court.

From left to right: Josh Saviano, Ally Mills, Don Laria, Olivia D’Abo, Fred Savage and Jason Hervey from The Wonder Years.

ABC Photo Archives

Mills, however, dismissed the case as “ridiculous”, saying Savage was “the least violent, most wonderful, sweetest man ever to face the face of the earth.”

The woman who blamed the then 16-year-old Savage, Monique Long, said Deadline He and Hervey “abused her verbally and physically.”

In response to Mills rejecting his claims, he said Deadline“My only response to Ms Mills’ s insults is that it demonstrates why women in the industry are forced to remain silent about sexual harassment.”

In 2015, Savage was a female team member who worked on the show Grinder He also alleged that he assaulted and tortured himself at the shooting site. However, following the trial, Savage was acquitted and called the allegations “completely baseless and completely false.”

Savage is married to real estate agent Jennifer Lynn Stone and they have three children. He has not yet responded to his dismissal or allegations.