December 6, 2022

Frankie Lasagna mocked on Twitter after Aaron Judge's absence at home

Frankie Lasagna mocked on Twitter after Aaron Judge’s absence at home

Everything seems to be lined up perfectly for this Blue Jays fan who introduces himself as Frankie Lasagna To the Associated Press. He had his gauntlet on, and had a front row seat in left field when Aaron Judge sent a historic baseball game fly in his direction.

But Running Ball 61 Judge It hit the wall, under the outstretched gauntlet of the Toronto restaurant owner, and fell into the Blue Jays, where he was Retrieved by Bullpen coach Matt Bushman.

Lasgana, who was wearing a blue Jays hat and Bo Pechet shirt, raised his arms up after that He threw his gloves in disgust After losing the ball. He then placed his left hand on his forehead while trying to process what had just happened, then took off his hat and threw it with his hand.

“The disbelief takes hold of you, the shock and the bewilderment only,” Lasagna told the Associated Press. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, I almost had it. “

Lasagna usually doesn’t bring a glove to the bout, but he said, “In the first row I felt like you had the best chance. Here I was a few feet away.”

Naturally, Mr. Lasagna soon became the subject of jokes on Twitter.

A second Blue Jays fan next to Lasagna also came close to catching the ball at home. According to the Associated Press, that fan “was visibly distraught” after he also failed to catch the ball and declined an interview request.

Bushman handed the ball to Yankees loyalist Zach Britton, who passed it on to Judge.

After Roger Maris’ tie and MLS record, Judge will attempt to break it with his 62nd home run on Friday against the Orioles at Yankee Stadium.