September 28, 2022

Fork me: Fall has removed over 30 F-bombs with deepfake dub

Fork me: Fall has removed over 30 F-bombs with deepfake dub

Without enough production budget to reshoot, upcoming action movie director Drops The team says it turned to AI technology to remove more than thirty F-bombs to turn its R-rated PG-13 into a more box office friendly, diverse Reports.

The problem—now turned into a handy little marketing hook—apparently arose when Lionsgate picked up the independent film for a cinematic release, where an R rating (meaning children under 17 could not watch the movie without an adult present) would have limited the Its potential is at the box office when it releases in the US on August 12.

“When we were shooting the movie, we didn’t know if we were an R or if we were a PG-13, so I said the F-word several times,” said Virginia Gardner, one of the film’s stars. “I suspect [director Scott Mann] You wanted to kill me in the last one when we were trying to get a PG-13 rating.” Thanks to machine learning, the latest movie reportedly includes family-friendly lines like: “Now we’re stuck in this stupid tower in the middle of a strange place.”

diverse Reports suggest that the trade-offs were made possible thanks to the film’s director, Scott Mann by accident service As Co-CEO of Flawlessa company that specializes in using its own TrueSync AI technology Translate movies between different languages. Its technology is designed to deliver “smooth” lip syncing that makes it appear as if the original actors of the movie are speaking and performing in a completely different language.

“For a movie like this, we can’t reshoot. We’re not a huge pillar of support… We don’t have the resources, we don’t have the time, most of all,” Mann said in an interview. California with a modest production budget of just $3 million, which meant that reshoots would have cost time and money that simply wasn’t available.”What really saved this movie and brought it to a wider audience was technology,” Mann said. diverse Reports indicate that virtual buybacks were completed in less than two weeks.

Although changing a movie before its original release is generally not as controversial as the edits that were made once it was already shown in cinemas (*cough* McClonkey), it always seems like a shame when the director’s original vision doesn’t get a public release. And a small independent film like Drops It seems unlikely that we’ll see an uncensored director cut out after its initial cinematic release.

While Drops Using AI to alter individual words, there are hopes that machine learning will allow entire movies to be seamlessly available in different languages, without the lip-sync issues that make current dubbing efforts such ugly.

In 2020 a Polish movie Hero had become The first movie that has been almost completely re-translated into another language (English), which I did thanks to technology from Startup Adapt Entertainment in Tel Aviv. YouTube channel focusing on visual effects The corridor crew collapsed The tech is in a video you can watch below (starting at the roughly 10-minute mark).