November 29, 2022

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis says the State Board of Education could go so far as to suspend the salaries of supervisors and board members who enforce mask orders

Last month, Desantis was a Republican Administrative Order The state Department of Health and Education should develop rules to prevent local school mask orders. Many cases Have since been filed Challenging the Constitution of the Executive Order.

Some school districts are considering mask orders, with one saying that at least masks are needed if parents do not leave.

A statement from the governor’s office on Monday said the state Board of Education “may suspend the salaries of the district superintendent or school board members.”

The report states that one of the priorities of Desantis is to protect the rights of parents.

“The best thing to do is to tell parents to make decisions,” Desantis said at an event at a Tampa hospital last week.

A The GOP senator from Louisiana said Sunday He did not accept Desantis’ ban on local school authorities imposing mask orders.

“The local authority should have control here. I do not want to go up and down from Washington, DC. I do not want to go up and down from the governor’s office,” Sen. Phil Cassidy, a physician, told CNN’s Dana Bash.

“When it comes to local conditions, if my hospital is overcrowded and my vaccination rate is low and the infection rate is going crazy, local authorities should be allowed to make those decisions that are best for their community,” he added.

The Florida Democrats outlined Descondes’ position when referring to Cassidy on Monday.

“If you do not heed the pleas of concerned parents, students and children from across Florida, Governor Desantis, would you at least ask Doctor and GOP Senator Bill Cassidy?” It tweeted.

Former CDC director Dr Tom Frieden said the corona virus does not care about politics or rhetoric.

“What the virus does is it preys on any section of society,” he told CNN. “It’s very frustrating to see governors across the country saving lives and banning things that keep our children and teachers in school learning. You can fight this virus with or without science.”

Dr. Peter Hottes, Dean of Tropical Medicine at Baylor Medical College, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Desantis’ condition was “very self-defeating” by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Heaths said Heath officials saw the children being admitted to the hospital.

“For the first time since I can remember this epidemic, we are seeing more and more pediatric intensive care units in pediatric intensive care units,” he said.

It may be due to another respiratory virus, but a lot of it is Covit-19, he said.

“If we had already seen the Govt-19 child ICU admission to the children’s hospital before the school opened, what would happen after that?” he said. “Schools would be an accelerator if all of those kids weren’t wearing masks.”

Desandis’ executive order states that school mask guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “is not well-founded scientific justification.”

Mask commands will be considered

The superintendent of Miami-Tate Public Schools said Sunday that he hopes the governor’s sentence will reopen schools in two weeks, despite the financial threats. The district is the largest public school organization in Florida.

Desantis turns his anger on Biden as Govt-19 rages in Florida

“We hope to be able to negotiate the reopening of schools with the primary protocol, providing protection for our students with masks, while at the same time avoiding financial repercussions and perhaps allowing parental exemption arrangements to some extent,” Superintendent Alberto Carvalho told CBS ” Face the Nation ‘on Sunday. “

Carvalho denied politicizing the epidemic and said the district was guided by the advice of scientific and medical experts when developing the Covid-19 protocol.

“It is sad to see this rhetoric, which is currently more deeply affected by politics than medicine in the United States, and the broader advice of those who are well aware of what is in the best interest of our students and the professionals who teach them,” he said.

Hillsborough County Public Schools will need a face mask, but parents can choose their children, Superintendent Addison Davis said Sunday. Classes begin Tuesday.

Orange County Public Schools have issued a masking order for the upcoming school year, According to a press release Presented by the district late Friday. Homeland of Orange County Orlando.

Increase in cases in the state of Sunshine

Sees Florida Dramatic increase in Govt-19 cases. There were 134,506 new Govt-19 cases reported in the state last week, more than any other seven days during the epidemic.
Analysis: All of Ron Desantis' Govt-19's priorities have been disabled

The average number of new daily cases in Florida over the past two weeks is 107% higher than in the previous two weeks, according to data from Johns Hopkins University on Monday.

According to data from the Florida Department of Health (DOH), 13,596 new Govt-19 cases of children under the age of 12 were reported in the state Sunday.

10,585 new cases were reported in the previous week, ending the previous week, July 29, DOH data shows.

As many Florida children return to school this week, the current new case positive rate for children under the age of 12 is 20.5%, which is higher than the overall state new case positive rate of 18.9%, according to DOH Weekly reports.

According to DOH data released on Friday, the new case positive rate for 12-19 year olds is 24.3%.

CNN’s Keith Allen, Angela Barajas, John Quells, Rosa Flores and Haley Simonson contributed to the report.