October 5, 2022

Five takeaways from the 2022 Emmys: NPR

Sheryl Lee Ralph sings as she accepts the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for “Abbot Elementary” at the 74th Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater on September 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Patrick D. via Getty Images Fallon/AFP

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Patrick D. via Getty Images Fallon/AFP

Sheryl Lee Ralph sings as she accepts the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for “Abbot Elementary” at the 74th Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater on September 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Patrick D. via Getty Images Fallon/AFP

Emmy night was a big one for various shows: Squid game, successively, Dead Lasso, White lotus. There were very different musical choices (for which Jesse Armstrong collected an Emmy successively and walk on stage to “Shake Your Booty”?) and bits dragged on too long (notably Jimmy Kimmel’s drama-dead routine that lasted until Quinta Brunson’s win for comedy writing. Abbott Elementary) but there were also great speeches and inspiring wins, and we’re here to look at five takeaways from the festival as a whole. (Here Complete list of winners.)

1. Best Sheryl Lee Ralph wins the night.

There are years when you try to figure out which is the best moment of the ceremony; This was not one of those years.

When Sheryl Lee Ralph accepts the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Abbott ElementaryNot only was her speech the best moment of the night, it was the best moment of the Emmys… maybe ever?

Ralph took the stage and sang an a cappella rendition of Dianne Reeves’ “Endangered Species” – something few people can do effectively. He spoke passionately, beautifully and inspiringly about the importance of never giving up on your dreams and how you should respect everyone who cares for you. It’s worth downloading the entire speech to your phone so you can play it for yourself the next time you’re bored, but really, it’s unique to her, her talent, and her history. Her career on TV spanned the 1980s, but with this award she became only the second black woman to win the category (after Jackie Harry 227) was good to watch even though it was late.

2. The show needs more time for speeches and less time for montages and scripted banter.

This particular Emmy ceremony, with two notable exceptions, seemed to play off the crowd quickly, even though some of them, like Jennifer Coolidge, were very entertaining. Coolidge won Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for her work White Lotus; After trying to talk a few more things about the show, Coolidge heard “Hit the Road, Jack” begin and danced to roars from the crowd instead of rushing off the stage.

While the winners fought for spare seconds, dull montages that were little more than “here’s some TV show” were allowed to linger, scripted bits that seemed less satisfying than cut-off speeches even when the sketches were performed. By talented comedians such as host Kenan Thompson and the very funny Bowen Yang. Awards show producers believe that people love everything in between the awards rather than the awards itself. Betting on the charm of a speech instead of another montage would be the wrong decision.

3. No big surprises.

Dead Lasso And successively Both were expected to win in their respective categories of comedy series and drama series. White lotus Limited Series Awards went to Coolidge and Murray Bartlett in supporting categories, and Mike White won for directing and writing.

But none of those shows won awards. Amanda Seyfried was chosen as the lead actress Dropout And Michael Keaton won for Best Actor Topcic. Lee Jung-jae won for lead actor in a drama series squid game, He was the first Asian man to achieve such a distinction. It may come as a surprise because it’s the first time someone has won for a non-English-speaking performance, but the sheer event of the show and its large pool of nominations suggest it will do well.

Perhaps the best surprise is Lisov’s Watch out for the big girls, broken RuPaul’s Drag Race A streak of four wins in the reality competition category. That victory (of course) led to a powerful and joyful speech from Lizzo about the importance of representation – a running theme of the evening.

4. There is more repetition.

While the competition is heating up in nearly every category, the lack of shows is dominating the awards the way sitcoms like it Frazier And Modern Family Once done, there were plenty of repeat winners.

Saturday Night Live won again in the Variety Sketch category (its only competitor A Black Lady Sketch Show); It was their sixth win in a row, a very disappointing result. successively It repeated its 2020 win in the Best Drama Series category Dead Lasso It won Best Comedy Series after last year’s win. Further, Dead Lasso Actors Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein won again in the lead and supporting categories.

Not only that. Zendaya won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series pleasure Two years ago, he won again. Jean Smart won Hacks She was the lead actress in the comedy series for the second year in a row. Perhaps most impressive of all, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Won the seventh consecutive award for Best Variety Talk Series The Daily Show as well as all network nighttime.

5. People want to see new winners have a real chance.

It’s more an observation of public reaction than the show itself, but standards seem to shift if a show wins “too much.” In the days when there were so few shows to choose from, the pressure began to mount to get something, anything else, on stage with the win – until you had five or six hits.

But now, a lot out and very good, even two wins Dead Lasso Repeatedly, especially when there’s a show that feels fresh Abbott Elementary.

The Emmys face an enviable problem: Even when people disagree with the outcome of a contest, it’s less likely that a show is undeserving and more likely that there’s something else that deserves a shot in the stacked category. Even the great Gene Smart, loved by so many in such an epic career and absolutely amazing Hacks, would not have been many people’s first choice. It’s not because of her talent; That’s because this is the year he faces opponents like fresh-faced Brunson and nominee Issa Rae. Insecure Many times but never succeeded. This is one of the reasons Squid game succeeds Feels inspired – the program is new.

It’s one thing to feel worthy of a victory; It’s different to feel excited. A second or even third win may seem trivial right now, so bring in new contenders and we’ll be happy to see them.