February 2, 2023


First Call: The Steelers are pitched as a trading partner to take on the Bears; Hard Curtain Blocked On ESPN List; For the first time, Badres Josh Bell

At Thursday’s “First Call,” members of the Steel Canopy were ignored by ESPN. The Steelers are hooked up to an offensive tackle that’s likely to be traded. Ex-Pirate Josh Bell played his first game for his new team.

Gerrit Cole struggled through an amazing first half at Yankee Stadium.

reclamation project?

The Steelers are being floated as a potential business partner with the Chicago Bears for offensive lineman Stephen Jenkins for a second year.

The offensive tackle was considered by many as a possible first-round pick from Oklahoma State for the Steelers last year. But they went with Nagy Harris back instead. Jenkins remained on the board until the second round when he was recruited by the Bears. But reports suggest the Bears are willing to trade him, having played in just six games prior to one season, starting with two.

Jenkins has been out for most of last year after needing back surgery and he is It is said to be “not connected” to the training device. This is a report Jenkins downplayed it.

However, he only trained for a day training camp. as to bear wireJenkins ‚ÄúSpring started on the right tackle with the first team. But something happened where he found himself working with the second team while Larry Borum took the lead on the right tackle with rookie Braxton Jones looking at the left tackle. He went on for the remainder of the OTAs and small camps mandatory”.

Jenkins Maturity seems to be questionable. But Draft Network She cited the Steelers, Falcons and Leaders as teams that might be a good fit for the deal.

“There have been questions about Jenkins’ maturity and overall approach, but Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has managed difficult characters before,” said Justin Melo of The Draft Network. Tomlin’s ability to keep Antonio Brown in check for several seasons is now seen as a resume-building feat. The Steelers also drafted wide receiver George Pickens this year, who had similar maturity questions graduating from college. Working under Tomlin’s tutelage might represent the best-case scenario Jenkins”.

Milo also raised questions about the ceilings for the Steelers’ current offensive handling of Dan Moore and Chox Okuravour and sees Jenkins as a potential upgrade if he can stay healthy and stay focused.

Or, at least, it might add some depth as a “developmental option.”

steel curtain?

It was great to see the honor of Steelers legend Mike Webster ESPN.com in “goat poll. On Tuesday, the outlet conducted a poll of 50 NFL experts, asking them to name who they think is the greatest offensive player of all time at each position.

Webster He won the vote in the center. Wednesday, defensively, Mel Blount, “Min Joe” Green, Rod Woodson, Troy Polamalu and Jack Lambert got votes. But none of them was at the helm in any position.

Pete producer Aaron Donald was named Best Defensive Intervention. Greene came in second.

Other specific results likely to anger Steelers fans include Deion Sanders’ back-corner win over Woodson and Blount. Ronnie Lott wins to safety. But Ed Reed got 12 more votes than Polamalu. Ray Lewis won at full-back while Lambert got only three votes.

Another Bocco hit in the Bronx

For the second day in a row, a former pirate was kicked down a hill for the New York Yankees.

On Wednesday, former Pirates player Gerrit Cole gave up six winning runs and lost his fourth loss of the season when the Seattle Mariners won at Yankee Stadium 7-3. Cole fell victim to the long ball. He gave up three runs at home before the first half ended. Eugenio Suarez, Carlos Santana and Jared Kielnik hit the ball from Yankee Stadium in six games first.

From there, Cole allowed no more rounds and gave up only two hits. He completed six innings and ended up with eight strokes to one walk. But the damage was done. Luis Castillo won his debut with the Mariners. One of the most coveted goals in the trade deadline, the former Cincinnati Reds champ has waived three earned runs in 6 innings, written off eight and walked three.

On Tuesday, another former pirate, Jameson Tellon, surfed some Rough Seas against sailors as well. He gave up five winning runs in 4 innings on his way to an 8-6 win in Seattle. The Mariners have won their last two games in New York to claim the series against the Bronx Bombers.

The Yankees next visit St. Louis to play the Cardinal before heading to Seattle for a three-game series game over the weekend. The sailors would fill that block of time by hosting the Anaheim Angels.

Big debut

Former pirate Josh Bell made his San Diego debut Wednesday against the Colorado Rockies. He was part of a giant trade on Tuesday that also sent defense star Juan Soto to Padres of the Washington Nationals.

Bale did not get a hit in his first match with Padres, but walked twice and scored two goals. Singles Soto to the right in the ninth field.

Another recently acquired player, Brandon Drury, took a big win in a 9-1 win over the Rockies.

As you can see, former pirate Chad Kuhl was the victim on that court. He took the loss to drop to 6-7, allowing all nine runs to be won. As a result, his age increased to 5.16.

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