December 10, 2022

‘Fat up’: British gas pumps dry up, piglet fears growing

On September 30, 2021, a worker guides vehicles as they stand in line to refill at a gas station in London, UK. REUTERS / Hannah McKay

  • Many gas stations are still closed – Reuters reporters
  • Britain says crisis persists
  • Retailers: Fuel demand is unprecedented
  • Piglet fear: Farmers warn of butchery shortage
  • Pork farmers are urging retailers to exclude EU pork

London, October 1 (Loyton): Many British gas stations were dry even on Fridays. Point

In the wake of the Brexit and Govt epidemics, labor shortages have sown chaos in some sectors of the economy, disrupting the supply of fuel and medicines and backing up 150,000 pigs on farms.

Although retailers say more than 2,000 gas stations have dried up, Reuters reporters in London and the south of England say British ministers have been stressing for days that the crisis has subsided or is over, with dozens of pumps still closed.

Lines of frequently annoying drivers returned from gas stations still open in London.

“I’m completely, utterly tired. Why is the country not ready for anything?” Ada Uriakil, a 47-year-old taxi driver from Afghanistan, was the first in a line of more than 40 cars outside a closed Saintsbury petrol station in Richmond.

“When will this end?”, Uriyagil said. “Politicians can’t do their job properly. The government should have been prepared for this crisis. It’s just disability.”

Uriakhil said he lost about 20% of his normal income this week because he was waiting for fuel rather than picking up customers.

Ministers say there is a shortage of truck drivers around the world and they are working to ease the crisis. They deny that the situation is the result of the withdrawal of EU workers following Britain’s withdrawal from the Confederation, and have dismissed concerns that the country is heading for a “winter of dissatisfaction” with deficits and power cuts.

While there is a shortage of truck drivers in other countries, EU members do not see a shortage of fuel.

Members of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) said on Thursday that 27% of the pumps were dry, 21% had a fuel type reserve and 52% had enough petrol and diesel.

After the shortage of trucks provoked panic at gas stations, farmers now warn that up to 150,000 pigs could be killed by the shortage of butchers and butcheries.


The UK pork industry has repeatedly asked retailers to buy local pork and buy cheaper EU products.

The weekly slaughter of pigs has dropped by 25% since August after an epidemic and Britain’s post-Brexit immigration rules hit an industry already struggling for workers.

“As a result of labor supply problems at the pork processing plants, an estimated 120,000 pigs are currently supported on pig farms in the UK,” the National Pig Association said in a letter to retailers.

“For some, the only way is to kill pigs on the farm.”

The meat processing industry has been struggling for a long time to find enough workers, but it has been hit hard by the exodus of many Eastern European workers who have returned home due to Brexit and Govt-19.

Despite attempts to force the government to ease immigration rules, the Pig Association said it appears to have reached a dead end. Britain recently allowed some international workers to drive trucks for three months and fill gaps in the poultry sector.

Additional Reporting by Costas Pitas, Kate Holden, James Davy and Sarah Young; Guy Falconbridge wrote; Editing by Andy Bruce and Angus Maxwan

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