January 29, 2023

Fantasy Football Rankings Week 15: Sleepers, Starts, Sits | Desmond Ridder, Chris Moore and… more

If you’ve made the fantasy football playoffs and yours hasn’t started yet, I hope you’re geared up and ready for next week. Following the Christmas theme for the fun rankings in the Week 15 fantasy football rankings, Nicole and I went on a holiday lights walk last weekend. After the week leading up to the very disappointing Richmond Raceway show, we looked at some fun Christmas light shows online. So, I’m featuring the top 10 I found this week. You may have found/seen others, so please share them if you have.

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2022 Week 15 Fantasy Football Sleepers

🚨 head 🚨 These are sleepers. They may not reflect my ranking 100%. It chases the upside and often carries a lot of risk.

The quarterback

May begin: Desmond Ridder, Atl – In his first game?! Are you crazy?! Well, let’s consider Ridder a runner because his ability gives him a similar fantasy perspective to Daniel Jones. He can run, but he doesn’t take off every time. Ridder is a really good pocket passer, and a game of 225 passing yards with 1-2 touchdowns is doable even against the Saints, and then a 40-yard rushing touchdown on the ground gives Ridder the confidence and upside. And that upside margin is in QB1 range.

I run back

May start: Gus Edwards, BAL – Tyler Hundley is out for Week 15, but that’s not going to change the Ravens’ running, running and running game plan. Yes, the Steelers defense is vulnerable, but J.K. 28 combined attempts for Dobbins and Edwards is enough to make Edwards a decent flyer against the Browns and their lack of run defense.

Hail Mary Start: Cam Acres, La.R – That’s why I drafted Akers in rounds 4-5 – missed the playoffs and won my consolation bracket on his shoulders! Trusting this offense, this broken offensive line, to Sean McVay or Akers is still too flattering. Still, Akers gets a favorable matchup (Packers) and has been RB10 the past two weeks.

Wide receiver

Can start: Alec Pearce, India β€” It was a long wait from Bears’ third double-digit scoring to his fourth (six games), but he returned to match in Week 13 with an 8-4-86-1 record against the Cowboys. Over Paris Campbell, Bears is the Colts’ future No. 2 tackle. Campbell is a free agent β€” yes, he’s already old β€” and Pierce has big-play, high-touchdown potential, especially against a porous Vikings defense.

Let’s start: Elijah Moore, NYJ – With Corey Davis sidelined, Moore has moved up in the target share pecking order, and boy is he fit for a big game. For the year, the Raiders are the only worst team against slot receivers, and starting in Week 8, they “jump” to 27th, while the Lions are dead last. Burn the moor at week 15, as long as the weather is in the upper 30s and there is no precipitation. No, now Zach Wilson starts with Mike White.

Hail Mary Start: Chris Moore, HOU – Speaking of moobs (Seinfeld fans understand), if Nico Collins is sidelined, you can fly over Moore if you’re thin at wide receiver. Regardless of what the Texans do at quarterback, the Chiefs are a favorable matchup for wideouts, especially as they force opponents into keep-up plays. Moore is WR37 with 8.6 FPPG since Week 7 and now leads the team in receiving yards (sad, I know).

At tight end

Hail Mary Start: Dawson Knox, BUF β€” If you’re on Yahoo, the answer is Jeff Driskell, who was listed as the team’s tight end last year, making him eligible this year. The Knox are more misses than hits this year, especially compared to 2021, but the Bills face the Dolphins in Week 15. It’s another “watch the weather” game, but if things don’t get worse, the Dolphins are seventh in tight end APA, not quite to the level of the Cardinals or Seahawks, but Gabe Davis is mostly a disappointment and disappointments around Isaiah McKenzie (they signed Cole Beasley), Knox for a start. deserving.

Fun in the rankings!
The best Christmas light shows

As mentioned, I’m featuring the top 10 I found this week. You may have found/seen others, so please share them if you have.

  1. Carol of the Bells – Big ups for tools timing.
  2. HOLLY JOYFUL CHRISTMAS β€” Funny song, funny lights, including a screen with a snowman (Purl Ives).
  3. Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Claus β€” Snoop Dogg Christmas music?!
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean β€” I don’t care that it’s not a Christmas song… I love the theme, and the lights are great.
  5. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy β€” techno-y/dubstep but pretty cool. Also, imagine the electricity bill!
  6. Star Wars Christmas β€” another one that isn’t Christmas music, but who’s complaining?
  7. Christmas light show – A nice composition and set of singing bulbs.
  8. Everything I want for Christmas – Trees and bulbs are fun to sing.
  9. Little Drummer Boy β€” Never mind that this version of Little Dummer Boy is dubstep.
  10. The most wonderful time of the year β€” Loses its novelty when you’ve already seen this house. Still, can I take a still shot?


More Star Wars lights!

Even more!

32 minutes show!

Another long show (almost an hour)

Another Carol of Bells

Cool drone shot of the big field/grove, but not Christmas-y… I guess.

Week 15 Fantasy Football Predictions

🚨 Heads up 🚨 These may differ from my rankings, and my Ranks are the order in which I start players Outside of the extra context, “despite being risky, the highest upside is required.” Also, basically 4-point TDs, 6-point rests and half-PPR for QB

Predictions download link

*** These are No Updated Sunday morning, FYI***

Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings

🚨 Heads up 🚨

  • We may have found a solution to the rankings widget problem using Fantasy Nation (via Soccer Diehards). All three marks work and are editable by me (unlike before), and the widget lets you scroll on Android (browser) without using two fingers! Yes!
  • Will be updated regularly, so check back all the way until the rows lock.


  • SF/SEA – The substitutions performed poorly, and the 49ers defense was much better. Ken Walker Can finish as RB1 but has a floor near zero. I’m ranked risk-adverse, but your call is upside/risky.
  • BAL/CLE β€” Weather: Mild concern so far (30s with low winds) but no real “must-sit” value passing sports options here yet.
  • MIA/BUF β€” Weather: Possible snow showers, which will derail a decent passing game. Still, you’re not benched Josh Allen, Stephen Dix And Dyrek Hill. If it snows, there are other things up for debate in the passing game. Jeff Wilson Now again, moving on Rahim Mostert A little lower.
  • PHI/CHI – Weather: almost no concern; Just sub-30 temperatures. Dallas Goedert For now, it has been downgraded Devonta Smith.
  • DET/NYJ – Weather: No worries for the over 30s… except the heck fades Jared Goff On the outside. Further, D’Andre Swift He’s injury-free (now) and has only seen it twice (Weeks 1 and 13, when he played in big games). Updated to Zach WilsonHurts most jets.
  • NE/LV β€” Ramandre Stevenson He looks like he can play and is back in Damian HarrisIt reflects the ranking.
  • CIN/TB – Waiting is dangerous Dee Higgins Even with his training (Tyler Boyd too) given 1) last week and 2) the 4pm game.
  • NYG/WSH β€” Saquon Barkley Practice, but still have some backup options on Sunday Night Football, and the Commanders run defense is strong.

(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)