January 29, 2023

Exclusive: Phone recordings of Eric Trump and Kimberly Gilfoyle were sapped by committee on January 6

This appears to be the first time that the select committee has issued a sapona targeting a member of the Trump family, marking a significant expansion of the investigation into Trump’s involvement in the January 6 uprising. The decision to sabotage the Trump family’s contact records underscores the group’s aggressive move to end the investigation. When fighting Trump on the court Accessing documents from his administration.

Telephone records obtained by the team are part of a new round of telephone call logs from telecommunications companies, sources told CNN. These records provide logs showing incoming and outgoing calls to the group, including the date, time and length of calls. Records also show a record of text messages, but not the subject or content of the message.

However, information can be an important investigative tool for the team in putting together a road map of who was contacted before, after and after January 6th.

Both Eric Trump and Gilfoyle played a key role in Trump’s “Stop the Steel” efforts, including the fundraising for the lie that the election was rigged. The two spoke at an Ellipse rally on January 6, just before the attack on the Capitol.

These records may also help the committee disclose text messages and phone records received from former White House President Mark Meadows and others, such as fundraisers and rally organizers.

CNN Reported last month The panel has already submitted phone records of more than 100 people as part of the investigation.
In some cases, telecommunications companies have announced Sapona’s goals from the selection committee, which has led to several lawsuits. Prevention Committee From receiving call detail records.

Sources close to the number say that the newly obtained records include the cell phone number used by Eric Trump. Kilfoyle’s cell phone number, his number and his text messages were confirmed by well-known sources. The group had previously identified the number as Kilfoyl’s number in text messages exchanged with other witnesses.

There is no indication that the committee directly subpoenaed Eric Trump or Gilfoy for interviews or documents. There is no evidence that the panel filed communications records relating to Trump’s other children, Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump Jr. or his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

In the aftermath of the January 6 attacks, the group released text messages sent by Donald Trump Jr. to Meadows, which Meadows voluntarily provided to the group before he stopped cooperating.

Accessed by CNN on Tuesday afternoon, the panel declined to comment on the new Trump and Kilfoyl saponas.

But in an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday night, Joe Lofgren, a member of the California Democrats’ select committee, said, “We are putting together information from others who were in a position to see and hear what the president’s inner circle and conspiracy were. Led to the riots.”

Lofgren declined to say whether the group had received information from the Trump family, while saying “there is nothing off the table.”

According to one source, Eric Trump is well aware of Sapona in his call recordings, “he did not lose sleep because of that.”

One of Gilfoyle’s attorneys said he had not been notified that any sapona had been issued for his records. Attorney Joseph Tacopina said Sapona had “no effect on her because she had nothing to hide or worry about.”

Trump, Gilfoyle roles in ‘Stop the Steel’

According to a well-known source in the investigation, the committee is interested in Eric Trump’s involvement in the January 6 events, including attempts to “stop the steel”. Eric Trump spoke at a rally in Ellipse on January 6, questioning the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s victory, citing his father’s tweet calling rally participants “patriots.”

“I have a question for you. Is there anyone here who thinks Joe Biden won this election?” Eric Trump questioned at the rally. “Neither do I, friends, neither do I.”

Guilfoyle, who was involved in the Trump campaign and fundraising for the January 6 rally, also spoke to Ellipse. “Look here at all of us patriots who love God, who want freedom, who want freedom, and it will not allow them to steal this election,” Gilfoyle said. “We will not allow the Liberals and Democrats to steal our dreams or steal our elections.”

According to two sources, the group identified Kilfoyle’s number in text messages exchanged with other witnesses. In November, ProPublica first Reported Kilfoyle bragged in the text messages about raising millions for the January 6 rally.

Guilfoyle’s lawyer denied to ProPublica that the texts were related to the January 6 rally or that Gilfoyle was involved in fundraising or authorizing speakers.

Trump has amassed more than $ 100 million on the battlefield in the months since he left the White House. Raises millions of dollars While spreading his lies that the 2020 election was rigged.

As the January 6 attacks unfolded, there was an exchange between Donald Trump Jr. and Meadows in a set of speeches released by the committee last month. Trump Jr. wrote to Meadows, “He should condemn this soon. Capital police tweets are not enough.”

“I push it hard. I agree,” Meadows replied.

The content of those texts was revealed in December during a House vote to insult Meadows by Wyoming representative Liz Cheney, the group’s top Republican. “We need an Oval Office address. He needs to be guided now. It’s gone too far and gone out of hand,” Cheney said in a text message that Trump Trump Jr. sent “repeatedly” including “Meadows.”

Cheney said the team has “First Witness” Ivanka Trump went to the Oval Office “on at least two occasions” and asked her father to say something to stop the attack on Capitol.
Clarification: This story has been updated to clarify the group’s interest in Kimberly Gilfoyle and Eric Trump.

CNN’s Cara Scannell and Christy Johnson contributed to the report.