February 8, 2023

Euro 2020: Italy vs Spain Semi-Final – Live | Euro 2020 News

  • Italy have not lost in their last 32 games
  • Spain records the fourth continental crown
  • Up to 60,000 fans are expected at Wembley Stadium
  • In the UK or Denmark, facing the winner of the final competition will be held on Sunday

Basket in the book

Acuttamanatakak considered, but it is not ugly. The Spanish captain receives the first yellow card of the semifinals.

He gets scores a minute later! Rolling the width of the post ..

Back to work

We’re coming back … both sides have a normal 45 minute time to find a goal (or five).

First let’s see who will go there.

We are the closest we have ever been to penalty kick matches

Half-time stalemate

With half the game (normal time) gone, Spain enjoyed more possessions (65 per cent) and looked the more dangerous side, but Italy did not back down.

Unfortunately this is not the case for both parties.

The Spanish fan shows a sign inside the stadium [Reuters]
The Italian fans cheer in the semifinals [AP Photo]

Five minutes to half an hour

On the touchline, who would you say is the happiest of the two? And the voice is the same?

Spain coach Luis Enrique and Italy coach Roberto Mancini [Reuters]

Spain got fans

Or is that ridiculous?

30 minutes are gone

Half an hour went by, Spain had only one side to reach the goal – add 253 passes and 69 per cent possession.

Spain coach Enrique said yesterday, “We are the leaders who hold the ball [in the tournament]”.

Danny Olmo-st

First shot towards goal and almost scores for Danny Olmo Spain. Good volume of Donarumma after giving the ball away from the goal-kick.

26 minutes gone, it was 0-0.

Italy is the biggest opportunity

Italy attack from left, Spain goalkeeper Simon gets stuck on the edge of the box, but Italy misses a one-on-one chance.

Everyone is back in the seats.

One-sixth went to the semifinals

Having played 15 minutes, Spain, as they have done throughout the tournament, are enjoying more possessions – 76 per cent of which and already 159 passing.

No goals yet from the efforts.

Michael O’Reilly of Spain works with Emerson of Italy [Reuters]

Even so far

Five minutes into the semifinals, there were no shots on goal, but both teams enjoyed equal time on the ball.

Spain had two fears, but the offside flag – twice – helped them stay.


We are on the move. Italy vs Spain in the final of the 2020 European Championship.

Spain valamakat start from us.

A team plays its last match in Euro 2020

Italy to win …

That is ours Twitter followers Predicted in the poll. Four minutes until kick-off

Good or bad?

A little rain around London. Can it affect the game? May or may not.

Where I was sitting, it was dry, with 78 percent humidity at 33C (91.4F)… which makes the actual feel 46C (14.8F).

It was 9pm. Make your choice.

Mancini calls this 50-50

Here is what Italy coach Roberto Mancini said:

“If Italy and Spain have done this so far, it means we have done very well. If we get to the semi-finals, it means we deserve to be at this point in the competition.

“So I think it’s 50-50 in terms of who has the tag of favorites.”

‘Leaders holding the ball’

Before the semi-finals, Spain coach Luis Enrique said of his side here:

“We are the leaders in keeping the ball [in the tournament] But they can take advantage of it and enjoy the ball, and that will be the first battle we have to win.

“They can adapt to not having the ball, they have done it at some point in the tournament, but they are very comfortable with the ball and strong with it.

Within an hour to go

The crowd is rolling and both teams have (finally) arrived at Wembley.

Kick-off is only 55 minutes.

What should be on Morata’s mind. What is going on in your mind?

Tell us. Vote:

Start-XIs here

Italy (4-3-3)
Gianluigi Donarumma; Giovanni de Lorenzo, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Cielini (e), Emerson Palmeri; Niccol ப Parella, Jorkinho, Marco Verratti; Federico Sisa, Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insine.

Spain (4-3-3)
Unai Simon; Caesar Asbiliquetta, Eric Garcia, Aymeric Laporte, Jordi Alba; Petrie, Sergio Baskets (e), Coke; Michael O’Reilly, Ferran Torres, Danny Olmo.

If you miss: Morata falls on the bench for Spain 😲

Morata started every game at Euro 2020.

It comes from Rome

Italian football supporters head to Wembley Stadium [Tolga Akmen/AFP]
Spanish supporters cheer on the stands before the match [Facundo Arrizabalaga/Pool via AP]
The Italians are already celebrating the 33rd victory? [Carl Recine/Pool via Reuters]

Report card

Here’s a look at how both teams performed in this year’s tournament.

Italy did not drop any points. Spain did not like to give up the ball. But Euro 2020 has won a game in normal time.

Neither side saw the red… And the semifinals are not the best place to get your first place.

Already registered (almost)

Both sides will set a record at kick-off time.

Within two hours, Italy vs Spain will become the most played component of the European Championship.

Predict the winner

You do not need to be delayed octopus Paul, the smart elephant or a supercomputer to scale.

It’s that simple. Go to our page Twitter page Take part in our first semi-final vote.

When is the kick-off?

In two hours – 19:00 GMT

Road to the semifinals

They beat Turkey 3-0
They beat Switzerland 3-0
They beat Wales 1-0
Beat Austria 2-1 (after ET)
Beat Belgium 2-1 in the scoring account

Drew 0-0 with Sweden
Drew 1-1 with Poland
They beat Slovakia 5-0
Beat Croatia 5-3 (after ET)
3-1 defeat of Switzerland (penalty)

Is getting ready

How Louis Enrique got Spain to the semifinals

Spain coach Luis Enrique has led his young team to the semi-finals with personal grief and the effect of negative public opinion.

He angered many fans and large sections of the Spanish media for expelling Sergio Ramos from his squad and for not selecting any players from Real Madrid.

The coach turned more heads by selecting a 24-man squad instead of 26, and encouraging French defender Aymeric Laford to change national races and lead the team’s defense instead of Ramos.

He kept Sergio Basquets on the team after the midfielder tested positive for Covit-19, showing the kind of patience he did not give to Ramos, who missed most of last season due to injury.

Radio Marca described Luis Enrique as “bighead”, Spain “not cut to win these euros, everyone knows that”.

Spain coach Luis Enrique [Kirill Kudryavtsev/Pool via Reuters]

Unbeaten Italy vs Possessing Kings Spain

Italy vs Spain marks the first semi-final at Euro 2020, the latest episode of a growing rivalry between nations at the fourth European Championship in a row with Tuesday’s game.

Italy have won all five of their matches this year. Spain owns an average of 67 percent.

Read our preview for the first semifinal.