January 29, 2023

Euro 2020 Final, Italy vs England Live Updates: Leonardo Bonucci scores, Italy draw 1-1

Italy vs England, Euro 2020 Finals: Luke Shaw gives Italy an early lead against England.© AFP

England take a 1-0 lead over Italy in the UEFA Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium on Monday. Luke Shaw scored for England early in the first half. England will end the 55-year trophy against the Italian team coached by Roberto Mancini. Gareth Southgate started their campaign as one of the favorites in the tournament, and they have played everything except one match at home. They defeated Denmark in the semifinals. Italy aiming for recovery after losing qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It is also worth noting that England have never beaten Italy in a big match.

UEFA EURO 2020 Final live updates and score between Italy and England from Wembley Stadium

  • 01:59 (ACTUAL)

    67 ‘GOAAALLL !!!

    Italy gets a corner from the right side, which is not a good delivery. But there is a fight in the box, with two Italian players touching it. Bonusi gets it in the remote post and is able to run it towards the goal!

    Italy 1-1 England

  • 01:55 (ACTUAL)

    Save 62 ‘!!

    Sisa waits for three England and then opens to take a shot. He sends it low, Pickford gets it and pushes it away!

  • 01:47 (ACTUAL)

    Maguire goes for the 56 ‘title!

    Shaw’s free-kick from the left side due to a ponuchi foul on Sterling. Shaw knocked it over to Maguire in the Italian box. He pushes it over the cross.

  • 01:43 (ACTUAL)

    51 ‘It was close!

    England won a free kick in the box. He was tainted by sterling. He rolls it around the wall and it goes wide in the top-right corner.

    Italy 0-1 England

  • 01:36 (ACTUAL)

    The action begins again!

    The second half is taking place at Wembley Stadium.

    Italy 0-1 England

  • 01:21 (ACTUAL)

    HT ‘Italy 0-1 England

    England go into the half with a 1-0 lead. Despite the lead, England have the ball low, at 34%. It is 66% in Italy.

  • 01:18 (ACTUAL)

    41 ‘Italy Keep the ball!

    Italy spray around the ball, not letting England hold much. But they are not a final product.

    Italy 0-1 England

  • 01:12 (ACTUAL)

    35 ‘wide from Italy!

    Sisa makes a solo run from the right side and tries an attempt. The shot is slightly wider than the nearby post.

  • 01:05 (ACTUAL)

    34 ‘Both teams are trying to dominate

    Italy is trying to build, but the UK is putting a lot of pressure and speeding them up.

  • 01:04 (ACTUAL)

    22 ‘Jorkinho is going down!

    Jorkinho grabs his knee and falls to the ground. He seems to be in pain. The medical team treats him for a minute or two, and he continues.

  • 00:53 (ACTUAL)

    15 ‘Another crucifix of Tripper!

    Trippier again creates an opportunity from the right side. He puts it on a cross, but Sterling can’t make it.

  • 00:44 (ACTUAL)

    8 ‘It was close!

    Italy are given a free-kick after Sisa gets dirty outside the box. Insine takes a free-kick and rolls over the wall. But this is not a good set-piece, it goes above and beyond the crosshairs.

  • 00:35 (ACTUAL)

    2 ‘GOAAALLLLLLLL! Luke Shaw gives England a starting point!

    England’s good structure, a tripper cross from the right breaks down this Italian defense. He sees Shaw in the distance, easily passing the goalkeeper on the left.

    Italy 0-1 England

  • 00:33 (ACTUAL)


    We are walking in Wembley!

  • 00:32 (ACTUAL)

    XIs playing here

    Italy: Donarumma, de Lorenzo, Bonucci, Cielini, Emerson, Parella, Jorginho, Verratti, Church, Immobile, Insine

    England: Pickford, Maguire, Stones, Walker, Phillips, Tripper, Rice, Shaw, Mount, Sterling, Kane

  • 00:26 (ACTUAL)

    National Anthems!

    England and Italy follow their respective national anthems and pre-match format!

  • 00:24 (ACTUAL)

    Eder walks away with the trophy!

    Eder, who scored the winning goal for Portugal at Euro 2016, walks away with the trophy and puts it down.

  • 00:18 (ACTUAL)

    England and Italy finished second, aiming for the first Euro title

    England’s long wait for the European Championship will finally end tonight. Wembley has witnessed many great English successes, but it surpasses all.

    Italy, on the other hand, will win their second Euro title.

  • 00:08 (ACTUAL)

    Hello and welcome everyone!

    Greetings and welcome to the live broadcast of the UEFA Euro 2020 final between Italy and England from Wembley Stadium. Both sides are in excellent shape during this edition with the goal of success. Everyone wait for some exciting football!

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