November 29, 2022

England vs Denmark: Euro 2020 Second Semi-Final – Live | Euro 2020 News

  • England are aiming to reach the first Euro final
  • Denmark won the European Championship in 1992
  • Denmark lost the opening two games
  • England agree for the first time in the tournament
  • The winners will face Italy in the final on Sunday

Time for change?

UK fans seeking alternative:


A free-kick passes from the right side of the mount. Maguire rises to the challenge, but the elongated Schmeichel denies it.

Denmark retained their side in another excellent save game by the goalkeeper.

England 1-1 Denmark

Denmark’s Caspar Schmeichel saves from England’s Harry Maguire [Reuters]

Yellow to Mag Maguire

The first booking of the semifinals and the England defender going on the books.

Referee Danny McKelly shows a yellow card to England’s Harry Maguire [Reuters]

Minutes are 45 minutes

We are walking again. Will this be resolved in the next 45 minutes? Or extra time? Or fines?

No changes on either side.

That question

I thought Caspar Schmidt would put an end to it the next day.


The UK leads with 60 per cent ownership. Both sides have two shots on target and one corner each.

No more yellow cards.

Like the score, don’t divide them too much in half.

England 1-1 Denmark

Half half time

All square in space. Tomcard scored a stunning free-kick to highlight Denmark, but under pressure from Sterling a Khajer’s own goal brought England level.

England 1-1 Denmark


Sterling is bringing England back to the level! Or is it a personal goal?

This is a personal goal. Gajar was convicted of attempting to destroy Saga’s pass to Sterling.

England 1-1 Denmark

Denmark’s Simon Khajer scored an own goal and the first goal for England [Reuters]


Shaw was wrong out of the box. Free-kick to Denmark.

And Tomcard scores!

UK acknowledges first target of Euro 2020

England 0-1 Denmark

Denmark’s Michael Tomskard scored their first goal [Reuters]

Pickford’s record

Settles in Denmark

This was initially England. Denmark seemed to be leading and not ready.

But they later settled. A few shots, in a corner, forced Pickboard to make a few mistakes and their supporters had a lot to shout about in the crowd.

Twenty minutes are gone

The UK tops the possession list, but has yet to score.

Both sides have a shot towards the goal… but nothing scares the goal-keepers.

672 minutes

How long has it been since England reached a goal.

Increasing sterling

Raheem Sterling keeps Denmark’s defense honest in the first five minutes. He’s on the left, he’s in the middle.

No shots but plenty of runs and moves.

Ericsson shirt presentation

Shortly before the kick-off, it happened:


Here we go. Denmark Start us from left to right.

Players on the pitch now

Five minutes to go. Enough talk, let’s run this.

The Danish players stand in the front row of the match [Reuters]

Your predictions have arrived

Stays in England, goes home to Denmark (no, it is not).

Our Twitter followers have at least predicted. What would Paul have predicted if the octopus were alive?

‘Denmark deserves to be here’

Denmark and Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel reminds everyone that Denmark “plays good football, entertains, scores, wins points, wins some goals”.

“We are in the semifinals on merit. More people in Denmark now follow football than ever before and watch this game. But I don’t think the team got wings from that incident – they have been at this level for a while and I’m optimistic tonight, “he told BBC Radio5.

Did you vote for your winner?

If you do not have time. Who do you think will win tonight? Voting ends in 10 minutes


Thirty minutes to kick-off and seats fill up inside Wembley Stadium. Players warm up and pundits put their tactics on screens.

Easy, isn’t it?

England fans will display flags inside the stadium before the match [Reuters]
More UK fans [Reuters]
Lots of Danish fans [Reuters]

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Benefit UK

But only from the head. The two sides have met 21 times, with England winning 12 matches.

In the semi-finals of a European Championship, these figures are low.

Are you coming for a long time?

Will England win in normal time? Denmark to get extra time thriller? Or will we see more penalties?

I’m ready for penalties, my goals and missed emojis shortcuts are ready.

It may take up to two hours to decide.


England makes a change: Saga Inn, Sancho out.

England: Pickport; Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw; Phillips, Rice, Mt; Saga, Kane, Sterling.

Denmark unchanged XI.

Denmark: Flattery; Christensen, Ghazar, Westerkard; Larson, Hodgeburg, Delaney, Mahley; Tomcard, Tolberg, Brightwhite.

What is in Denmark?

Something they hadn’t managed since lifting the trophy in 1992 appeared in the final.

Despite playing for the simplest clubs scattered across Europe, Dance is not intimidated by the nicknames emblazoned on the stars of England.

“I feel we have the qualities to play against everyone. As a team, I would not say they are so great,” said Andreas Christensen of Denmark.

Danish fans take to the streets of Copenhagen before the semifinals [Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP]

Captain Kane records

England captain Harry Kane needed a goal to balance Gary Linker’s record.

It took him a while to get to Euro 2020, but here he is.

Clean sheets of UK

It is noteworthy that so far England have not scored a single goal in the tournament – it is five clean sheets.

Two goals in three group matches – they did not score much. But he scored six runs in two knockouts, beating Germany 2-0 அதிகம் Much to the amazement of the ‘mentally ill’ elephant who predicted a German victory!

Elephant Yasoda, Elephant Oracle ‘foretells German victory. Yasoda correctly predicted all of Germany’s group stage matches [Leon Kuegeler/Reuters]

Prediction time

With less than two hours left to kick, any time to get your predictions now is a good time.

Will it be the UK? Will it be for Denmark?

Two options (this is a knock out). Vote now

Road to the semifinals

They beat Croatia 1-0
Drew 0-0 with Scotland
They beat the Czech Republic 1-0
They beat Germany 2-0
They beat Ukraine 4-0

Finland lost 0-1
Belgium lost 1-2
They beat Russia 4-1
They beat Wales 4-0
They beat the Czech Republic 2-1

‘Has football ever come home?’

England’s “football homecoming” anthem roared by fans at Wembley after the German game – did not sit well with everyone.

Denmark keeper Caspar Schmidt took a cheek swipe at the song, which was said to be a hit, and asked, “Was this ever home? I don’t know, have you ever won? ”


Denmark should do what no team has done against England in Euro 2020.

Danes, who has recovered from two defeats in the opening matches of the tournament, will face England in the second semi-final at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, England have not lost a match or scored a goal so far in Euro 2020 and will be playing at their national football ground.

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