November 29, 2022

‘Enchanting scene’: ISS ‘post showing Earth’s’ glowing ‘horizon at night’ amazes Netizens

Thanks to the astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS), enthusiasts are always ready for some treat as they share images outside the world. In a recent post, ISS seduced everyone again by sharing a rare scene: the horizon of the earth at night.

While the flashing lights of urban landscapes viewed from space are no longer surprising, recent images shared by ISS showed what the horizon looks like at night. “At night the horizon of the earth sounds from the station by the brightness of the wind surrounded by stars in these pictures.” The company wrote while sharing some shocking footage.

This post captures the beauty of artificial light that glows on the surface of the earth, but illustrates just how beautiful the natural light ring was in the stellar background from space.

Along with the images, they attached a link to NASA Johnson’s photo gallery on Flickr, allowing enthusiasts to check out more images with details of where in the world the photo was taken. A picture taken by a team member showed the city lights England, The Netherlands, Belgium and France, the other taken while the ISS was hovering over Afghanistan. The film captured not only the city lights of India and Pakistan, but also the well-lit border separating the two countries.

ISS and NASA are known for actively posting spectacular and amazing astronomical-themed photos across their handles on various social media sites. From one of the recent depictions ‘Cosmic Rose’ To Black hole ‘tsunami’, Their posts often interest Netizens to learn more, this method is no different.

Since the post was shared by ISS, it has received nearly 120K likes on Instagram and thousands of retweets on Twitter. People do not seem to combine the beauty of the glowing earth with the brightness of the stars.

Here’s how Netizens reacted to these films.