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House, techno, dubstep, minimal, gabber, trance: electronic music keeps broadening in its sub-genres and increasing in its reach, with festivals from Cuba to the Philippines. This weekend, Moga, an inaugural dance-music and digital-art event, will shake the shores of Essaouira in Morocco, a month after Oasis, a similar festival near Marrakech. Many participants will be from across the water: Europeans are keen ravers, with 1 in 7 having recently attended a dance-music event. The global electronic-music industry is now worth $7.1 billion, 60% more than three years ago. Superstar DJs of EDM (electronic dance music, now an umbrella term for the most commercially palatable stuff) make six-figure sums for a single night’s work. Industry insiders reckon the bubble has already burst, but sustainable-scale festivals like Moga—closer to the humble beginnings of the rave scene that put the music solidly on the cultural map—look set to party on.

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Source – The Economist

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