December 8, 2022

Eight die in ‘historic’ New York floods caused by Hurricane Ida | New York

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued its first flash flood warning for the city New York, The remnants of Hurricane Ida brought heavy rain that flooded subway lanes and streets in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey.

The storm killed seven people in New York City and one in Pasaik, New Jersey. According to the New York Times.

In the midst of the rain, the service tweeted, “This particular warning for the NYC is the second time we have issued a flash flood emergency (this is the first time for the NYC). We released the first flash flood emergency for northeastern New Jersey an hour ago.

New York Major Bill de Blasio A state of emergency has been declared Just before midnight on Wednesday, he said, “Tonight we are enduring a historic weather event, with unprecedented rain across the city, brutal flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads.”

At 11:30 p.m., De Blasio declared a state of emergency and said thousands of New Yorkers had lost power.

NWS recorded 3.15 inches of rain in an hour at Central Park, which is believed to have been recorded so far in the park, exceeding the 1.94 inches that fell in an hour during Henry’s tropical storm on the night of August 22nd. .

Heavy winds, drizzle and at least one hurricane hit Pennsylvania and New Jersey, causing the roof of the U.S. Postal Service building to collapse, threatening to close a dam along the way.

The NWS confirmed at least one hurricane and social media posts showed houses collapsing on Mount Mullica in the southern New Jersey district outside of Philadelphia.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operate the New York Liberty International Airport, tweeted at 10:30 pm that all flights had been suspended and all parking had been closed due to severe flooding. All train services to the airport were suspended.

The video shows some parts of the airport submerged in water.

Governor Bill Murphy declared a state of emergency in all 21 districts of New Jersey, urging people to evacuate from flooded roads.

The Metropolitan Railway Authority announced that “services will be very low tonight due to heavy rain and flooding in the region” and “strongly” recommended that passenger travel be avoided if possible.

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