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Hi Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh, it is a big pleasure to have you on Trance Hub. We’re really excited to see you in India next month. You are part of EDC Inda lineup, we have a few questions for you

Electric Daisy Carnival in India will be held at Buddh International Circuit, Noida on November 12th and 13th. It is brought to you by Budweiser India. Buy your tickets here – 

  • You’re one of the artists that have been instrumental to bring Psy Trance into the mainstream lately. How does it feel to be the torchbearer of the scene?

It’s flattering us in a lot of ways To hear this kind of compliments,  we just do what we love and we are very happy our music and Psytrance Generally is  reaching more and more people around the world.

  • Vini Vici project has garnered great success in a short amount of time, one album and you guys are now playing the best festivals/clubs in the world. What goes into the managing overnight success to keep it sustainable?

The success was kinda fast but with a lot of hard work and passion, we think that’s the key to maintaining success for the long run . As a musician you need to do what you love, work hard, find your own sound and originality. you need to know what is the message you want to deliver through your music, specially with psy trance ( as the journey of a track is very important)

  • Which one is better? The TranceFamily or the Psy TranceFamily? 🙂

We don’t like to put music into categories,  we love both “families” they are a bit different from each other  for sure , but the point of trance is to unite everyone in the union of music, so we don’t compare, both are awesome and special .

  • Both of you have been together for a long time now, first Sesta Senta and now Vini Vici what is the secret of the longevity of your team?

Yes we are together from the age of 15 for more than 15 years already! We thank god we getting along great. We think the keys here is  , to be honest, loyal and reduce the ego level to is  kinda like a marriage relationship ( our girlfriends / wife’s always say that we are the second wife for each other 😀

  • We love your social media, you have some of the most amazing videos! Do you run it yourself?

Thank you!  it is important also here to find your “coolness” or uniqueness ,and yes  we are running our own social media, videos and etc. sometimes it’s hard with our busy schedule, but for now we are handling it.

  • Have you seen any Bollywood movie, how did you find it?

We don’t know no movie unfortunately, but we know a bit of the culture of Bollywood movies specially because in Israel there is a big community of Indian Israeli people.

  • Which is your favourite Indian city to play for?

 Every city and place on earth have a unique charm  , but I guess Goa is one of our favorites , Goa and Psytrance came a long way, the mothership of psychedelic trance .

  • Any Indian monument you always wanted to visit? Why?

We will like to visit the Taj Mahal , we always wanted to see it , and we never had the time ( we love to explore different cultures)

  • If there’s an Indian DJ/Producer you want to collaborate with, who would it be?

Well , we don’t know much artists from India to be honest , but we take a lot of influences from India generally in our productions , “it’s Namaste “

  • What are your expectations from Dreamstate stage at EDC India? What can the fans expect from your set?

We love India, and our Indian fans. we expect a great party specially from EDC and Dreamstate as they always deliver amazing festivals , our fans can expect a lot of new tracks ! We know the trance tribe is big in India so it’s going to be a lot of fun .

  • Which is that one Indian dish you have to eat when you land here?

We love Indian food , all kind of Nan bread , chicken Tikka , chicken masala , samosas , yummy !!

Vini Vici play at the Dreamstate stage at EDC India on the 12th of November.

Electric Daisy Carnival – EDC India brought to you by Budweiser Tickets start from Rs. 2750.


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