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With a few more days to go as India gets ready for Electric Daisy Carnival for the very first time, we here at Trance Hub sit for a short pre-event interview with Ferry Corsten.

Electric Daisy Carnival in India will be held at Buddh International Circuit, Noida on November 12th and 13th. It is brought to you by Budweiser India. Buy your tickets here – 

Hi Ferry! It’s a pleasure to see you again after almost a year! How does it feel like to be among the first few to headline the debut edition of Dreamstate in India?

Hi there! I’m really excited to headline the first edition of Dreamstate in India. Dreamstate is a fantastic event to work with and love their all trance concept within the EDC platform so the fans know exactly what they will get.

How do you prepare for your sets for events like these?

I always take my time when I prepare for any set and/or show I do. People pay good money to be part of an event and as an artist I definitely want to do my best to make it worth their while. I always take a look at the latest music out there that fit with my style as well as my own latest productions…released and unreleased. I also check which audience I’m playing for to make sure I can have the best music that fits my fans in that market.

What is the day in the life of Ferry like?

Right now it’s a “relatively” easy life. I took a lot of time of work this year because I’m working on new productions so mornings have been getting up going for a run and then spending the whole day in the studio working on new music. I still travel during the weekends for shows but I’ve tried to make a point this year not to be gone for long from my studio to get some work done.

What was the inspiration behind Neba? And how do the music videos for the Gouryella tracks get conceptualised?

Gouryella is a concept that is based on the biggest mysteries in life so content stems from that. What I wanted to achieve with Neba was making a track that would hit you right in the feels.

What was the fan reaction like to the Gouryella Live show?

Honestly, I’m over the moon with the response of the Gouryella show. I love looking at my social media feed after the show because I see a lot of people absolutely in awe of it and people that understand the concept of the live show and not necessary just the visual here , text there… I was just reading the other week that one girl couldn’t even take a photo of the event or even message someone because she was so enthralled. I’ve seen people cry from where I am when I’m playing. It makes me feel so good as an artist to be able to move people like that. I see the impact of my music and the concept of the show come together like magic. There is simply no words that can describe how I feel when I see the fruits of all that hard labour.

Can we expect a Gouryella album anytime soon? How about the future plans for New World Punx? Anything new coming up?

Gouryella was a one off project that has basically rolled out into a concept… so there will be something linked to Gouryella soon… you guys will find out soon enough ;). Markus and I are working as well to see how we can work on the NWP project further for 2017 but for now both our priorities are with our own upcoming projects.

Have you seen any bollywood movie, how did you find it?

Bollywood movies are funny. Lots of entertainment…dancing and singing. It really is unique that you know is specifically from India. I watched it for the first time years ago when I was waiting for a flight in the middle of the night in a city in India (I can’t remember anymore which one it was.) I was amazed how everyone regardless of age and sex was captivated watching the film.

Which is your favourite Indian city to play for?

Bangalore is close to my heart. From way back I remember it as a city that loved it’s trance music.

Any Indian monument you always wanted to visit? Why?

The taj mahal. It is a shame that as a DJ everyone thinks that they get massive opportunities to tour the world..see many things… and maybe some DJs do…but unfortunately, I never get to stay long enough as I like producing more in a studio than on the road… and I do have little ones at home that miss their papa J so I do my best to try and be back with them.

If there’s an Indian DJ/Producer you want to collaborate with, who would it be?

Hmmmm that’s a good one. I’m not sure. I would probably want to try and make music for a bollywood film. That would be fun!

What are your expectations from Dreamstate stage EDC India? What can the fans expect from your set?

I expect dreamstate to be mental. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to see it for the first time and I’m glad to be part of it.

Which is that one Indian dish you have to eat when you land here?

Butter chicken and palak paneer.

Ferry headlines the Dreamstate stage at EDC India on the 12th of November.

Electric Daisy Carnival – EDC India brought to you by Budweiser Tickets start from Rs. 2750.

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