November 26, 2022

Dylan Lee of the Atlanta Braves made history by lasting 15 pitches with the first career start of the World Series.

Atlanta – Dylan Lee He entered the Atlanta Braves Clubhouse at 2pm on Saturday and was called to the office of manager Brian Snitker.

The 27-year-old left-hander was said to be starting his first major league six hours later.

In the world series.

“I was shocked, of course,” Lee said.

Lee only lasted 15 games for the Braves again, 3-2 against the Houston Astros. Atlanta leads the World Series 3-1.

Never before had a pitcher’s first major league start in the World Series. Lee faced four batsmen and allowed a run, the shortest series start since the Yankees’ David Wells in Game 5 of 2003.

“My God, we put him in an incredible situation,” Snitker said. “Your first start in the big leagues is going to be in the World Series game. Are you kidding me?”

Lee made his debut 29 days earlier in his main league, and his resume ranged from 80 pitches to 21 batters, with only 29 to nine hitters in the regular season.

In his first start at any level over four years, Lee made no decision and exited with a 9.00 ERA on two consecutive trips.

“His command was a little smaller than I had ever seen before, which is understandable,” Snitker said.

Snitker had fewer starting players as Charlie Morton’s leg was broken and bullpen nights were planned for Games 4 and 5. Lee’s late announcement was made on purpose.

“Just for him,” said the manager. “He probably wouldn’t have slept because people were texting him and his phone had been down all night.”

After finding out he was making his first start at any level since July 23, 2017, Lee went five-innings against Asheville for Class A Greensboro, Lee told fianc மனைவிe Courtney White of the amazing growth.

“I told my fiance and her family and my family to come a little before the game,” he said.

Wanting it to feel like a relaxed look, Lee called on Bullpen coach Drew French to invite Snitker to the game – though it hadn’t started yet.

Eight level players were on the field as Lee ran from Pulpen wearing bright red spikes. He threw only five attacks and allowed Jose AldueHis first offering in the infield single, 94ml crack. Lee came out with loaded platforms from the walkways Michael Brandley And Jordan Alvarez Around Alex BreckmanStrikeout on a 2-2 conversion.

Kyle Wright It started to warm up after Lee’s second pitch, which was predetermined.

A sea transition from the world series of days of playing Dusty Baker.

“I grew up watching Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale and Juan Marichal and all the adults,” said the Astros manager. “I remember when I was a kid, my dad used to say ‘pray for spawn and sign and rain’, and you’re looking forward to matchups. There’s nothing better than old – fashioned pitch matchups.”

Snitker, another baseball lifer, said pitching injuries were inevitable.

“They play a lot of baseball now, I think at a young age. That’s part of why I do, they break up,” he said. “They don’t rest. They go to the barns in the winter and do pitch training. The guys play basketball and football and play pitch in the spring. It’s their favorite sport of any season. I think the guys are the first to do pitching. Very young.”

According to Elias Sports Bureau, Lee’s two major league regular season appearances are the lowest in a series opening game. Philadelphia’s Marty Bystrom and the Mets’ previous lower six. Steven Mats.

Miami’s 10th round pick in the 2016 amateur draft from Fresno State was released in spring training by Lee Marlins and signed a minor league contract with the Braves in April.

For the Triple-A Quinnet he went 5-1 with an epoch of 1.54 in 34 relief appearances. He made his big league debut on October 1 and banged again the next day. Braves was not on the roster for the first two seasons, and he was activated for Game 4 of the NL Championship Series after right-handed player Huvaskar Yanova suffered a shoulder injury.

“Play ball!” Throwing the first pitch after Lee did not expect Lee to start his next start soon.

“I know I’m a reliever now,” he said as his teammates laughed in the interview room.