December 9, 2022

Draymond Green on joining the Warriors

Draymond Green on joining the Warriors

San Francisco – Golden State Warriors striker Draymond Green He returned to training on Thursday after a week of absence from the team after the aftermath of the beating Jordan Paul last Wednesday.

The Warriors chose not to suspend Green over the accident, and instead paid him a fine. He will play in the Warriors’ final pre-season game against the Denver Nuggets on Friday and will be available on opening night on October 18.

“We’ve had conversations about what we need to do going forward, and we’re going to do that,” Green said. “We will not continue to hold on to the past.”

Green did not provide details of the work he did during his hiatus, but said he is in a better psychological state now than he was before he left.

Green, along with coach Steve Kerr and quarterback kevon looneyThursday’s practice was going as usual and there was no confusion surrounding the team, he said.

Before welcoming Greene back, the Warriors held meetings with the front office, members of the coaching staff, and notable players, including Paul and Lonnie, Stephen Curry And the Andre Iguodala.

Once they got approval from the players, specifically Paul, the Warriors chose to bring Green back. Although the team is ready to move forward, Green acknowledged there will be feelings left about the brawl – which Kerr described as the biggest crisis of his tenure in Golden State.

Kerr said, Wednesday evening, after announcing that Green will be returning to basketball activities, “[Our] Culture has been damaged by this incident. You have to work to fix that.” He added that Green had broken the team’s trust.

But Green dismissed the idea that he has to rebuild trust among his teammates, despite saying he has a lot of work to do before stepping away from the team.

“It’s about making sure that the camaraderie with our team is right,” Green said. “You can see if you play against a team and they have a good friendship… If not, they can easily be broken… If you have that, you can build through anything. [Our camaraderie doesn’t] I shook a lot.”

Green said the Warriors’ stability stems from the core they’ve built over the past decade and a mutual understanding of what it takes to win — and the desire to win.

This mindset is how Green plans to navigate his relationship with Paul going forward.

“Jordan is a professional, and I am a professional,” Green said. “We have work to do…we’ll do just that.” “[As far as a personal relationship], I’m not sure. That’s not up to me, and I don’t think there’s much importance. It pays us to do work and we will do that work to the best of our abilities.”