December 6, 2022

Dow Jones performs high in Tesla races; Buy and see the 3 best stocks

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied briefly 175 points on Monday, with Tesla shares hitting record highs. Buy and view the best growth stocks Albemarle, Alphabet and ServiceNow.


In the middle Dow Jones Leaders, Apple (AAPL) 1% sold Microsoft (MSFT) Lost 1.2% on Today’s stock market. American Express (AXP), Goldman socks (G.S.) And JPMorgan Chase (JPM) Continue trading nearby New purchase points.

Tesla (DSLA) Raced nearly 5% higher on Monday, the new all-time high.

Best stocks to buy and watch, Albuquerque (White), letters (Google) And Service now (Now) Are in or near new purchasing zones.

Microsoft and Tesla IBD Leaderboard Shares. Alphabetical is a IBD SwingTrader Stock.

Dow Jones today

At the start of Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose just 0.1% after cutting its initial gains. The S&P 500 effectively traded flat, while technology-heavy Nasdaq gained 0.35% in morning trade.

Today’s overview of the US stock market

Index Logo Price Gain / Loss % Change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 35841.09 +21.53 +0.06
S&P 500 (0S & P5) 4599.86 -5.52 -0.12
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 15514.96 +16.57 +0.11
Russell 2000 (ETC.) 232.03 +3.98 +1.75
IBD 50 (FFTY) 50.75 +0.40 +0.79
Last Updated: 10:40 AM ET 11/1/2021

In the middle Exchange Trading Finance, Innovator IBD 50 (FFTY0.5% increase on Monday. Nasdaq 100 Tracker Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQFell 0.3%. And SPDR S&P 500 ETF (Spy) Went down almost 0.1%.

Stock Market ETF Strategy and How to Invest

Stock market rally

The stock market rallied on Friday as the Nasdaq and S&P 500 hit all-time highs.

On Friday, The big picture “The stock market rose from a weak opening and reached the closing hour. Considering the bad earnings news of the market, it is noteworthy that the indices performed just as well as they did, let alone peaked all the time.”

For daily stock market analysis, see IBDs The big picture.

Now look at the five best Dow Jones stocks

Buy and view Dow Jones stocks: Amex, Goldman, JPMorgan

American Express ended Friday, 3% below a 178.90 buying point Cup with handle, Step IBD MarketSmith Illustrated analysis, followed by five days after losses. Shares rose nearly 1% on Monday.

Goldman Sachs is trading at 420.86 on a flat base following a small loss on Friday. Shares rose 0.6% on Monday. Meanwhile, JPMorgan is at the top of the 5% buying zone, with a 163.93 entry with a cup handle after the latest bounce from the 50-day moving average. The 5% buying area tops the list at 172.13. JPM shares rose 0.2% on Monday.

Stocks to buy and see: Albemarle, Alphabet, ServiceNow

Lithium miner Albemarle is in the buying range to cross a trophy with a handle 244.46 buy point following last week’s breakout. The 5% buying area goes up to 256.68. Shares rose nearly 1% on Monday morning. Revenue results are due out on Wednesday, so this breakout carries a high risk.

IBD SwingTrader Stock Alphabet is below a new buy point – 2,925.18 entry in a flat base – Step IBD MarketSmith Chart Analysis – Amid a 1.6% loss on Monday morning.

The IBD stock verification Shows that the characters are in stock Contains 98 At the exact 99 IBD Joint Assessment. The IBD joint rating identifies stocks with a combination of strong fundamental and technical characteristics.

IBD Leaderboard Stock ServiceNow recovered its 681.20 flat-base entry after last week’s earnings results and is in the 5% buying area running up to 715.26. Shares rose 0.1% on Monday morning.

According to a leaderboard analysis, ServiceNow’s latest base is the secondary form, after which shares have risen more than 20% from the previous platform. Pre-level forms – first and second level – offer more inversion and are less likely to fail than post-level basics.

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Tesla stock

Tesla stock rose nearly 5% on Monday, hitting an all-time high. Last week, its shares went up Worth $ 1 trillion Milestone.

The stock traded at 1,169.49 at the start of trading on Monday. TSLA shares are higher than a 764.55 buying point Cup with handle, As well as previous inputs at 700.10 and 730. An alternative entry at 900.50 can also be identified.

Dow Jones Leaders: Apple, Microsoft

In the middle of the top Dow Jones Shares, Apple shares create new cup base with 157.36 buy point IBD MarketSmith Illustrated analysis. Shares lost 1% on Monday morning. Friday’s weakness could be the start of a possible handle, which will provide lower entry if the stock can continue to advance from its 50-day level.

Software company Microsoft fell 1.2% on Monday morning and is moving further beyond the latest buy point. On October 18, Microsoft last a Flat foundation305.94 Purchase point. The 5% buying zone tops the list at 321.24, so the stock is now extended.

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