December 6, 2022

Dow Jones Future: Stock market rally touches new high; Zoom share revenue fell 12%

The Dow Jones futures market with the S&P 500 futures and the Nasdaq 100 futures changed slightly after the stock market rally touched new highs late on Monday. Apple shares peaked at the peak of PayPal and Tesla. Zoom stock fell 12% in earnings after the close.


On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.2%. The S&P 500 gained 0.4% and the Nasdaq 0.9%; Both indices peaked at all times.

In the middle Dow Jones Leaders, Apple (AAPL) 3% accumulated Microsoft (MSFT) 1.3% Today’s stock market. Home Depot (HD) Is below a new buying point after the latest breakout attempt.

Tesla (DSLA) Advanced 2.7% and went above the recent buying point. The EV leader is now at the top of its buy line. PayPal (PYPLIt rose more than 3.5% on Monday, withdrawing its key 50-day moving average. A new purchase point has appeared.

After closing, Zoom video (ZMBetter Q2 earnings results than expected have been announced. But Zoom’s share fell to 12% in extended trading.

Best stocks to buy and watch, Academy Games and Outdoors (ASO), Airbnb (ABNP), Free market (Meli) And Fruit technologies (PLDR) Are in or near new purchasing zones.

Airbnb, Microsoft and Tesla IPT Leaderboard Shares. Academy Games a IPT IPO Chairman. The fruit was Featured This week Shares close to a buying zone Column. There was the Airbnb IPT stock on Tuesday.

The future of Dow Jones is today

After the stock market closed on Monday, the Dow Jones futures, the S&P 500 futures and the Nasdaq 100 futures moved slightly against fair value. Remember that trade The future of Dow Jones And elsewhere does not need to be translated into the next regular regular trade The stock market Session

Today’s US Stock Exchange Overview

Table Logo Price Gain / Loss % Change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 35399.90 -55.90 -0.16
S&P 500 (0S & P5) 4528.76 +19.39 +0.43
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 15265.89 +136.39 +0.90
Russell 2000 (ETC.) 225.49 -0.92 -0.41
IPD50 (FFTY) 48.55 +0.55 +1.15
Last Updated: 4:34 PM ET 8/30/2021

In the middle Exchange Trading FundInnovation IPT 50 (FFTYIt was up 1.15% on Monday. Nasdaq 100 Tracker Invesco QQ Trust (QQQ) Received 1.1%. And SPDR S&P 500 ETF (Spy) 0.4% higher.

The stock market rally continues

The Nasdaq and S&P 500 hit new record highs on Monday, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at an all-time low.

Friday The Big Picture paragraph Comment, “The action of the stock market reaffirmed the current boom and was completely different from the moderate losses on Thursday.XLV(0.2% reduction) and SPDR applications (XLU) (Less than 0.1%). The winners led the losers to a 5-for-1 in the NYSE and a 3-to-1 defeat in the NASDAQ. “

For more stock market commentary, see The big picture of IPT.

Stock Market ETF Strategy and How to Invest

Zoom in on revenue

After closing Monday, zoom video Announced its quarterly results. Zoom earnings rose to $ 1.36 per share, topping ratings at $ 1.16. Revenue came in at $ 1.02 billion, beating estimates by $ 991.2 million. Despite the revenue and sales pulse, the company provided weaker earnings guidance than expected in the current quarter.

Late on Monday, Zoom’s share fell 12% in response to the company’s earnings results.

Zoom stock rose 2% on Monday, closing 40%. The shares form a trophy with a buy point of 406.58, but are far from that new entry. The stock is tougher than its 50-day moving average.

Buy and view Dow Jones stocks: Home Depot

Dow Jones chairman tries to pass a trophy with a 333.55 entry into the Home Depot handle, but currently sits below the point of purchase IBD MarketSmith Chart analysis. The 5% buying area goes up to 350.23.

Shares rose 1.15% on Monday.

Buy and View Stocks: Academy Sports, Airbnb, Mercado Libre, Fruit

IPO Chairman Academy Sports is looking to cross the 42.85 buying point with a cup base. The stock briefly topped last week. Best retail sales rose 2.9% on Monday and are in the repurchase range. The 5% buying zone tops the list at 44.99.

The Academy Games featured last week IPO Leaders Column.

IBD Leaderboard Airbnb stock is above its 152.86 buying position after falling down in a sharp move on Thursday. Leaderboard’s analysis on Wednesday came with stock market optimism and strong volume, positive action. Shares rose 1.2% on Monday.

According to IPD stock testing, ABNP role Showing 28 out of a perfect 99 IPT Joint Assessment. New issues always have a consistent revenue record – which is an important component of a collective valuation – so a weak assessment is normal. The IPD joint rating identifies stocks with a combination of strong core and technical characteristics.

There was the Airbnb IPT stock on Tuesday.

Mercado Libre traded up 0.75% on Monday, closing below one Cup with handleOf 1,899.43 buying point. Meli stock briefly topped the buying position in trading on Monday.

Fruit technologies Trying to break a pattern again Cup with handle 26.04 Purchase point, Step IBD MarketSmith Chart analysis. Shares fell just 0.2% on Monday. The stock’s relative strength line is far from its old peak. Ideally, the RS line should reach a new high on Breakout Day.

Become. At 12, Fruit reported Second quarter adjusted earnings It met expectations, while revenue growth surpassed Wall Street targets. Check out the fruit juice this week Shares close to a buying zone Column.

IPT Live: A new tool for daily stock market analysis

PayPal Share

PayPal Share The improved 3.6% hit its key 50-day moving average again on Monday CNBC reported The company is exploring ways to allow users to trade personal shares.

Shares of the payment processor are finding a flat base with a buy point of 310.26. The stock is about 7% away from the new entry.

Tesla stock

Tesla shares rose 2.7% on Monday. Last week, the stock was in the range of recovering their 700.10 aggressive buy point deep into a correction after last week’s weakness. Meanwhile, a deeper, larger site is constantly taking shape.

On January 25, Tesla shares peaked at 900.40, after climbing 93% from a 466 buy point in a trophy.

Dow Jones Leaders: Apple, Microsoft

In the middle of the top Dow Jones Shares, Apple rose 3% on Monday, hitting an all-time high of 153.49. Apple shares are in the buying range above 148 trendline buy points.

Software company Microsoft rose 1.3% on Monday. Microsoft is 15% higher than the 263.29 buy point of a cup base and close to the new high.

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