October 5, 2022

Donovan Mitchell pushes his departure from the Utah Jazz, insists Cleveland Cavaliers can 'build something really special'

Donovan Mitchell pushes his departure from the Utah Jazz, insists Cleveland Cavaliers can ‘build something really special’

Cleveland – Donovan Mitchell He disagrees that the now-dismantled Utah Jazz core “didn’t really believe in each other” as team CEO Danny Aing said earlier this week.

“I don’t think we didn’t believe [in each other]Mitchell told ESPN on Wednesday on his first day in Cleveland as a jockey following a Sept. 1 deal. I said at the end of the season, do not trade [Rudy Gobert]. Let’s understand this, let’s do. This did not happen. For him to say that after six months around the team, I disagree. But you know, in the end, that’s his decision.”

Ainge, who was hired last December, traded Gobert to Timberwolves on a mega-project picked in July, and also dealt with a defense specialist Royce O’Neill In a separate deal before Mitchell transferred to the Cavs on September 1.

While the Cavs were one of the teams Mitchell knew made an offer for him, he said he was shocked when he was sent to Cleveland instead of his hometown of the New York Knicks. Mitchell said that in the few days before the deal was done, he thought he was about to become Nick.

“Very close, I wouldn’t say more than I know a little bit more than most people, but definitely very close,” Mitchell said. “I was really excited when I was traded [to the Cavs]but we were, it was, it was close [to the Knicks]. “

After business talks initially failed, CAFs president Kobe Altman re-engaged in jazz in late August after the Knicks and Jazz managed to reach an agreement. Altman Jazz general manager Justin Zanic, who has completed five deals over the past five seasons, put together the final deal in less than 48 hours. The Cavs traded three unprotected first-round picks, two pick-ups and three young players for Mitchell.

“We have a great relationship with Utah,” Altman said. “We kind of stopped and hung out and hung out. And when they decided to turn around [away from the Knicks]We were there.”

Mitchell arrived at Cleveland’s Bourke Lakefront Airport at about 9 a.m. Wednesday for a group of more than 200 fans, who were waiting with Cavs officials in an aircraft hangar. He then took part in his first casual exercise with his fellow city mates in preparation for the start of bootcamp. Mitchell had time on the floor with his All-Star teammates Darius Garland And the Garrett Allen As well as the runner-up for the year Evan Mobley.

“We can really build something special,” said Mitchell, who worked with Garland this summer. “I’m just excited to play with this team, to play in this city, to play with these guys and to get out there and just compete and win.”