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Recently, Gareth Emery released the music video for his new single with Standerwick and Haliene, “Saving light”. The video had a very powerful message and urges people to stand up against bullying and stand up against it. You can watch the video here :

The video received a mixed response. Many people could relate to it and it moved them. The loved the vocals and the fact that it stands for a cause.

A few days later, Gareth posted a picture in an attempt to encourage people to buy the track on beatport in order to make a trance track number one again.


This post received quite a bit of attention, positive enough to make the track reach the 2nd position on beatport, but it also received criticism from artists like Christopher Lawrence and John 00 Fleming who believe it is a gimmick for fame.

Here is what they had to say


While John 00 Fleming was not really in favour of the whole stint, he was openly vocal about it and posted about the same

On the other hand, Christopher Lawrence stated his opinion regarding the same, though he too is not in favour of it.




A few people did stand up for Gareth. Marwen Tlili, the label head of Armada music’s sub label “The Bearded Man” tried to explain the cause to them.



Post all the criticism, this is what Gareth had to say

Screenshot_2017-02-08-21-40-05-1 Screenshot_2017-02-08-21-40-27-1 Screenshot_2017-02-08-21-40-37-1

Well, what do you think? Does trance need saving? Or is it already in a good place? Let us know in the comments below!

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