December 5, 2022

Disney Plus pays $ 2 a month for new and returning streamers

Disney Plus offers a pretty killer deal to streamers who have left its service or have not yet tried. For new and eligible returning subscribers, Disney Plus costs just $ 2 a month.

This offer is one of many advertisements that have been announced as part of its expected Disney Plus Day The event takes place on November 12th. Subscribers can take advantage of special offers at its parks on Disney Plus Day. Offers include pre-entry to parks 30 minutes before opening at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort and free Disney Photophos photo downloads.

In retail, new businesses from Disney owners, including Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, will attack Shaptisney. Disney Plus subscribers can avail free shipping in the US and Europe from November 12 to November 14. Disney EbooksIn the meantime, a discount of $ 1 will be available from November 17th. The company has partnered with Target to offer special gifts when subscribers register at the store.

Disney has partnered with Funco for a 10 percent discount on Disney Plus products with the DISNEYPLUSDAY code. (The same code can be used for a 5-percent discount on Disney products on WizKids, which will be offered with the Marvel theme from November 8 to November 14.) Also, the new Star Wars Funko products will be available on BringHometheBounty. .com starts at 6 AM PT on November 12th.

In addition, participating AMC theaters will screen Disney movies from November 12 to November 14 for $ 5 per ticket. You never know what you will see until the show starts, and there will be an amazing short film at every screening. Special offers and Disney Plus poster included with ticket prices. More than 200 AMC Theaters Will participate.

Lastly, this will not be an event with some kind of NFT betrayal in 2021, will it? Disney has partnered with VeVe to offer exclusive NFTs of gold statues of brands and owners within the Disney family. The Simpsons. The NFT series starts on November 7th, and the “more rare” collection will be available on Disney Plus Day.

Following a $ 2 monthly advertising price, Disney Plus costs $ 8 per month for its regular. So, if you plan to swipe the service cheaply and get bail, set a reminder to cancel it before quadrupled your subscription.