September 28, 2022

Disney just surpassed Netflix in total streaming subscribers - Deadline

Disney just surpassed Netflix in total streaming subscribers – Deadline

Walt DisneyDTC subscribers totaled 221.1 million for the company’s third quarter of the company’s fiscal year ending in June. It was a huge win for Disney+ and her dad, and it was also the first time anyone had gone through Netflix In the total flow of submarines.

Netflix recorded a total of 220.67 million global subscribers, after losing nearly one million subscribers in the three months.

Includes Disney+ numbers (152 million), ESPN+ (22.8 million) and hollow Total including live TV (46.2 million).

Disney is likely to give up some subscribers after losing the bidding war over the rights to broadcast cricket in India, where there are a large number of Disney+ subscribers.

The numbers may change but this shows how volatile the broadcast business can be.

Netflix, the leading company, launched a wave of tension with an unexpected loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 and warned of the potential for an even greater loss for the next quarter of up to 2 million subscribers. When the loss of just under a million subscribers – about 970,000 – was announced, it was seen in part as a victory. It was the biggest sub-loss in company history (partially saved in season 4 of Weird things which was released in May).

Media stocks rose today along with the broader markets. Disney stock is up about 5% and Netflix is ​​flat in after-market trading. Disney announced its quarterly numbers just after the market closed.