November 26, 2022

Direct Announcements: Russia Occupies Ukraine

Ukrainian lawmaker Lesia Vasylenko speaks with CNN on a flight from Ukraine on February 25. (CNN)

Ukrainian lawmaker Lesia Vasylenko was interrupted on Friday by the sound of jets flying overhead while urging the international community to help.

“If it continues as it is now, if these airstrikes happen, tanks will roll, Ukraine will not be able to stand for long against such a large Russian occupation, we need help,” he told CNN from Kiev. He said more sanctions were needed and that more weapons were needed in Ukraine and that the country’s airspace should be closed.

She stood for a while and looked at the camera outside her window. “Sorry … as we speak, several planes were flying in the direction of the city. And we know from the president’s speech a few minutes ago that the airstrikes will start right away,” he said. A noise in the background.

“We’re all tired of this because we have helicopters, we have planes, warplanes, flying all the time. And every time we hear a noise, like it’s looking out the window, where’s it going? Is it going to hit or miss?”

Despite the fears, he said he had faith in the “Ukrainian military and the Ukrainian people.”

“The people here are brave and not ready to give up their country,” he said. “We do not want to live under anyone’s rule. We are free people. We fought for our freedom. Our men and women are dead for this freedom.”