February 2, 2023

Diamondbacks Trading David Peralta X-ray

Diamondbacks Trading David Peralta X-ray

Rays added some help to the injury-plagued stadium mix, declaring the veteran’s possession David Peralta From linebacker D. Minor League hunter Christian Cerda Head to the Diamondbacks in return.

Peralta, who turns 35 next month, spent all nine seasons of his Major League career with linebacker D prior to this trade. The veteran left-hander has produced a solid .248/.316/.460 batting streak this season (110 wRC+), connecting on hams, 19 doubles and triples through 310 board appearances. He has a career high clip of 23.9% and a walking chart of roughly 8.7% on average which represents the hours a percentage point above his career mark.

Linebacker D signed Peralta to a three-year, $22 million deal in his final season before hitting free agency, and he’s playing the final season of that contract now in 2022. Peralta is a pure rental for the Rays, then, but he’ll give them a much-needed outside racket. To connect them to the squad after injuries Kevin KiermayerAnd the Manuel Margo And the Harold Ramirez.

Not only does Peralta provide this crucial boost on the court – it also provides the Rays with a noticeable boost against the right throw. Tampa Bay has dealt with right-handers in only an average clip in the league this season, but Peralta has had a .267/.325/.498 hitting streak against right-handers this year and a gritty takeout of .295/.351/.492 during the course of his career . However, it has long been ineffective against the left pitcher, hitting only .114/.261/.200 against the Southpaws this year (albeit in a small sample of 35 board appearances). As such, the Rays will definitely protect him from the left opposition as much as possible.

Although he wasn’t the champion he was when he hit 30 in 2018 or the defender he was when he won the Golden Glove in 2019, Peralta is still a solid bat with above-average defensive ratings in the corners. Arizona has used him primarily on left field this season, although the Rays may prefer him on the right Randy ArosarinaIt is on the left. Peralta has a career mark of +7 defensive points saved in 1,435 rounds from the right field (and was a zero point defender there, on an above-average rate of overtakes). His work on the left field is much appreciated, but Peralta shouldn’t hurt the rays in any of the corner holes and also hit well enough to spend time in the DH against the right.

19-year-old Cerda is headed to The Rays, whom the Rays signed as a free international agent in 2019. Cerda was actually born in New York but moved to the Dominican Republic in her early teens and has developed into a possibility for some. note. He signed a $325,000 bounty with Rays that summer, attracting praise From baseball America For his extra arm, agility and interesting strength potential.

Since there is no minor league season in 2020, Cerda is playing only in his second season of professional football. He spent the season with the Rays’ Rookie-level Florida Complex League and scored an astonishing .315/ .464/ .519 batting streak during his first 69 trips to the plate. Cerda played in the Dominican summer league last season and cut 0.218/.366/.338 in 164 trips to the plate. He’s nabbed 30 of the 79 runners who attempted to steal against him at this point in his young career — an excellent 38% rate.

Robert Murray from FanSided first mentioned (via Twitter) that Peralta was heading to the rays area. Jeff Bassan from ESPN mentioned That Cerda returned to Arizona in return.