December 5, 2022

Destination to test Starbucks order pickup, return from parking

Delivers a worker order to a drive-up customer on August 19, 2020 at the Target Store in Miami, Florida.

Joe Radell | Getty Images

Shopkeepers in some places The goal One can pick up at stores Starbucks Coffee and return without leaving the car later this year.

The retailer said Wednesday that it will begin adding those services to selected stores in the fall, along with its curbside pickup preferred drive-up. It declined to identify store locations or provide a more specific timetable.

Target has Starbucks Cafe in its many large box stores.

A company spokesman said Target will begin testing with employees and then serve customers. He said the company plans to measure features across the country.

Significant growth is driven to the curbside pick-up target during Govt epidemics because consumers are looking for quicker, safer shopping ways. Shoppers can pick up online purchases within Target stores or drop them off at Target-owned Home Delivery Service Shift. Same day online services It grew almost 60% in the third quarterOver 200% growth from the previous year.

Target will report its fourth quarter earnings on Tuesday.

The discount comes with the addition of additional products and features to the service Hundreds of fresh and frozen groceries and beverages.

Target said in a news release that customers were demanding a Starbucks pickup and returns. The company said shoppers do not need to use the pick-up window to pick up or withdraw a drink.